International driving licences legal in Cambodia?


planning to spend some time in Cambodia and would be nice to rent a car explore the country. Not into being driven around by a Cambodian driver.

Would like to know if anybody used an International driving license to rent a car and drive in Cambodia? I've heard some rumors they're not legal there.

thx, Nick

Nick...They do not recognize International license's.   You can get a Cambodian license but it takes a little time.   Contact a driving school in Phnom Penh as they may be able to short cut it for you or talk with Lucky Motorcycles as they do it and have done it for me in the past.   Best not to drive unlicensed.   I doubt if you could rent a car without a Cambodian License but motorbikes are no problem.   Wear a helmet also when on the bike.

As above. Do get legal as should you have an accident without a license, you are way up sh.. creek. It usually takes 2 months to get a license, at least here in Temple Town, but you will be given an interim license whilst you wait. I think it is not possible to apply with just a tourist visa though.

Nick.. International licences as well as Uk/Europeon licences are not accepted. If you want to do it properly you have to get a Cambodian licence (any of the driving instruction shops dotted around).. when I got mine it was about $60.. take your own countries licence along together with 2 passport size photos and your passport.. You will get the Cambodian licence back in a couple of weeks usually.

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