Quality of Education in Qatar compared to KSA?

Hello everyone

I am a mum of four girls,ranging from 10-2yrs. I moved from the UK to Saudi Arabia now moving from SA to Qatar as per my husbands job.

i understand that schools and quality of education is relatively better in Qatar than in ksa. Anyone out there with a similar experience? Regrets?

Any tips, advises would be highly appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi, I teach in Qatar been here for 2 years now, previous to this I also taught in Saudi. I am a UK born and trained teacher I taught in a British school in Jeddah as I do in Doha. I don't know where you heard that Qatar schools are a better standard? This has not been my experience, sad to say. They have had a massive problem with over subscription but this seems to be getting better, however I would advise you speaking to schools as soon as you can.

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