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Hi all

I'm new here! Moving to Riyadh soon with my husband and we are looking at accommodation. So far feel a bit disappointed as have been handed links from the agent and asking us to look at available rental units.

How would one go about the best wh in finding accommodation out there. I think we would be looking for something with a good mix of individuals. We are spoiled here in London I know as it is very cosmopolitan and so we can have friends from all walks of life. Am I being a little naive- is it even possible to find anything remotely like that in a compound / Saudi in general? I'm hearing a lot about diplomatic quarter for example.

It's all so confusing. Anyone else wanting to help with tips on best way to find suitable place to stay or the best area or best compound for or needs would be great.

We have a 1 year old daughter so ideally kids facilities nearby would be fantastic.

Thanks so much. Looking forward to your reply.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله  وبركاته

Sorry sister for contacting you directly, but just wanted to say my wife and daughter (also 1 year old soon to be 2) will be joining me إن شاء الله

I reside in company provided accommodation by Al Hussan which is near a park which has many familsy with children and becomes very active after maghrib.

May I ask whom your husband will
Be working for?

Hi Tabsy,
You may book a hotel or furnished apartment temporarily for the first week through, and during this week you can have a look at different compounds according to your workmates advice or the advertised accommodation on this website.
I have a quotation from FAL compound that I can share to have an idea.

Yes please do share any information that you can.

Husband will be based in salahuddin road for an international company.

Anyone live in al bustan or al hamra

Tabsy :

Yes please do share any information that you can.

Husband will be based in salahuddin road for an international company.

there are lots of furnished apartments on that road opposite to Platinum center.

Good luck.

Hello bro
From how long you been working with al hussan? I recently got job offer and will be working in KSU but my contract will be with al hussan. Can you please tell me more about accomodation? Do al hussan provided you the accomodation? Is it near university? I will be moving with my 3 years daughter but i will meed my iqama first before applying for family visit visa.
Can you please give ma all these details.
Thanks in advance.

Can you please share the quote of the compound which you got.
I recently got offer to work in KSU through al hussan

Depends on who you want to live amongst really. Good accomodation isn't cheap you might not get change from 200k for a decent sized house in a secure proper western (not "Western Lifestyle") compound.

I will follow too as my wife and I are in the same boat. Good luck

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