Hi Good Day! Give me some advice!

but i need you to know that the salary would be 2000$ monthly
and you would be working just monday to friday
with free accommodation
and i would be the one to pay for your processing fee and your flight ticket
but can you afford your visa form fee
cause that is the only fee you would be paying
and the processing would take just 7 days
let me know if you are okay with that?and i would book your flight ticket same day the processing starts,so you can be sure about it and the date you would be here
If you dont mind, may i know first how old is your daughter or son? And what country you are reciding?
Yes i will provide scan copy, together with the update cv or resume.

This is message from my FB Friend Name Chris Jordan, i saw her post in some Caregiver Groups that he is looking for a nanny, then i quickly send him a message. He asked me some question about my current jobs and if i am willing to apply. He is from Moscow Russia, i dont know if i am going to believe this because they are so many scams today. Please give me some advice.

It may be true or it may be a lure to catch some to traffic, I would be very aware, in my country there is saying, it goes like this, " if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably  is."  and another, 'Let the buyer beware". Outside of all the quotes, just be careful, even in the USA which has much higher wage level than Russia $2000. a month plus room and board is well above average.


This is the way the scam works.

He wants you to send him something called the "visa form fee".

Once you send him any money you will never hear from him again.

Ask yourself... why would someone supposedly willing to pay your processing fee and your flight ticket want you to send him money at all?  Shouldn't he have enough money to pay for everything since he is offering you $2,000 per month?

Ok thanks for your comments..

He didnt ask me yet for the payment, i thought the visa fee should be pay personally at the Russian Visa Immigration. Yes its sounds too good thats why i search a Forum like this.. Thank you guys!!


Be careful.... The USA and Russia are the biggest clearing houses for human trafficking. If anyone is offering you employment in either of these countries outside of a known service agency don't accept it. Filipino women are going for high dollar. The woman arrives at the airport and is met with usually one or two other women and a driver. This is to disarm her anxiety. They usually then whisk her off to an undisclosed location where she is kept in a room for 5 to 7 days and repeatedly raped and fed very little the first couple days and rewarded with more food according to her submissions and by the last day she's fed well and dressed up and sold out to owners of strip clubs in the USA, and Europe. You might have avoided this because something about your MOTHER WHIT noticed RED FLAGS. 19,000,000 Filipino citizens are working abroad that's 10% of the population and 1,900,000 are missing women. All missing since 2000.... In Great Britain I was in a pub and on the wall was better than 300 pictures of missing women and most were Asian and most of them were Pinay... be careful.

Yap the two replies said it all, but would like to add, do not send any money. It has scam written all over it. if he is welling to pay you 2000$ a month "visa form Fee" should be peanuts to him.

Wrong, whether he's paying for everything is not the issue....why would he offer to pay so much? Go to an agency...a reputable agency.

If she believes that this is real have him send a copy of his passport and driver's licence... I'm sure he wants a photo copy of her. I guarantee you that he wouldn't do it...nor will he be willing to go through airport security to meet her upon arrival. Stop thinking money... this is not about money it's about life..

WE DO NOT KNOW if this is a financial scam or human trafficking scheme.  Unless we ask the original sender, we will never know his true motivation or intent.

WE DO KNOW this is definitely not legitimate and probably criminal.  Everyone here is in full agreement of this and that is all that really matters.

Good luck OP and stay safe!

thanks for the info.

A big thank to all of you guys.

Forget it....beware...bogus.

If it's too good to be true, be cautious.

But you address the person as "FB-Friend" and yet you are in doubt? Be cautious who you share your personal infos coz he may also victimize your other FB friends =)

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