All Good News on the Olympics

Enjoy if one has time. As this is for the Lighter Side of the Games!
Curvy Brazilian women inspire Olympic medal design - Latest News - … dal-design

Some good things!
Ten reasons why the Olympics will salvage the summer | Sport | The Guardian … the-summer

The Brazilian music you should be listening to during the 2016 Olympics | Public Radio International … 6-olympics
just keeping it light! Enjoy if one is interested.

After the Games, Rio’s Stadiums Won’t Rot—They’ll Transform | WIRED … m/?ref=yfp
if all goes well and the funds are available?

Just a True observation. Congratulations to the Brazilian Teams, Hard Work Will Win!
From the streets to the Games: Brazilian Olympians' extraordinary stories | Sport | The Guardian … -badminton
Best of Luck to the Teams of Brasil.
Rio 2016: First ever refugee team 'have already won' - News from Al Jazeera … 43653.html
Best of Luck to the Refugee Team.
and another thing to enjoy!

Rio Olympics: how to bring Brazilian flair into your life … your-life/

Enjoy if one has interest and time.

Paralympic News - Latest News on the Rio 2016 Paralympics
Enjoy if one has interest.  Good Luck to all .

The Latest: Olympic torch arrives in Rio … --spt.html
100 Olympians to watch at Rio 2016 | Sport | The Guardian … t-rio-2016
Enjoy if one has time.

This is a link to some photos of the Olympic Village, enjoy if one has interest and time.
you can either open with the internet or the flipboard.
Article: Rio Olympic Athletes Village Comes to Life: Pictures
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Keeping it light and for the Foodies!
Chefs dish up surplus food from Olympic Village to Rio's hungry | Reuter … SKCN10G1ID

Brazilian recipes for an Olympics viewing party - … ch-t101452
Enjoy if one has time and interest.

I really enjoyed tonight's opening ceremony festiivities. No matter the reaction from the international community, I'm going to extend a heartfelt "Parabéns!" to director Fernando Meirelles for a job well done. He is a true auteur, and I liked his "story of Brazil."

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I tuned into an Olympic opening ceremony, so it's hard for me to compare tonight's ceremony with say, Beijing's or London's opening ceremonies (I've heard that Beijing's was over-the-top, "in your face" spectacular and that London's was "fun"), but considering all the budgeting woes and problems that he faced, I think Meirelles and his team did a fine job.  :top:

Lucky Kids this is the fun side of things.
Some Lucky Kids Got Carmelo's Autograph Through A Crack In The Wall While Sneaking A Peek At Team USA … html?nhp=1
just something to think about/lol

Keeping with the Good News. Congratulations to the Lady.👄
Rafaela Silva wins Brazil’s first gold medal of the Rio Games. … games.html
Let's Hope for more.

How a favela kid became Brazil's top badminton player … html?nhp=1
enjoy if one has interest,  here's a article on the changing landscape of Rio.
Before-and-after photos from space show how much Rio has transformed … html?nhp=1
Have a gr8  day.

Well some things are good! I like this Idea, now to find the money to make it happen?
After Olympics, Stadiums Will Be Turned Into Public Schools And Parks … b3?ref=yfp
Great plans now for some fruitation.
Enjoy if one has time.

Brasil 2 more Medals, Gold- Pole Vault, Silver- Canoeing. Congrats to the Athlete's

Alascana :

Brasil 2 more Medals, Gold- Pole Vault, Silver- Canoeing. Congrats to the Athlete's

My husband and I cheered on the Brazilian pole vaulter Thiago Braz da Silva! Great job! Parabéns!

the UK seams to be doing very good at the moment,

the USA is doing better A

@Spanish Pete with all there money and sponsorships they should be doing good/lol
they have paid training.
I see Brazil has a total of 11 medals from hard work and very little sponsors.  I tip my hat to all who participated in the games and Best of Sports to All.

Parabéns, Brasil!  Bom jogo!  :one

Excellent, Congratulations and the Cheering is Krazy! Yes

The Shot That Healed A Nation … html?nhp=1
Loved every minute of the game. Yes Brasil :one  :one   :heart:

Well done brazil :one  :huh:

Got to love it!
Brazil soccer gold will be the memory Rio never forgets | Reuters … SKCN10W00P
The proud moment, way to go.

Medal Count so far:
Medals By Countries
seems every country won some form of medal.

Watch "The Olympic flame is extinguished, ending the Rio Games" on YouTube
Well looking forward to Business Monday. That's All Folks. No major catastrophes.
All in All .

I wonder what people in Rio are going to do for work now the games have gone
and the money is dried up

spanishpete :

I wonder what people in Rio are going to do for work now the games have gone
and the money is dried up

It will not be in the good news section of this post, never been  there have no desire to go there as a personal preferance, I know there's the good,the bad, the ugly, and I'm going with the ugly side of life for lack of work and from what I read Rio is Bankrupt. I read a article where one guy said that he robs for all is corrupt and he pointed to the politicians at every level what a outlook on life. I am not anxious to see how this plays out I only wish for the best yet if wishes were horses beggars would ride. It's going to get messy maybe police state for the people have been nice as host for the games. Now it's time for business as the protest will start soon and no work means more people in the streets. It's my observation this end is not going to be pretty. No work means less taxes collected and that usally signals a breakdown in services. I wonder how long the security will stay for when they leave they will only have to return. It's going to be a mess with the daily protest for if one has no work one might create havoc and who's going to clean up the mess. Just a small rant (lol)

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