What to look for While visiting Ireland? in Killarney for a week

Hey all. We will be in Killarney for a week starting Monday. My husband has been offered a job and we are visiting to see the place and the town to decide if we are going to move.

Any suggestion on what to look for while there would be great. Any agencies for rentals or information on utility company's also grocery stores ext...

get an idea of cost of living and what it's like running a household there. Basically this is a fact finding mission not vacation. So what do I need to consider when moving to Ireland.

Would live to hear from you all.
Also anything I should check out for fun.
Hope you all have a great day.

Greetings Sabine,
Killarney town is very charming & well maintained.The Killarney area is reknown as an area of outstanding natural beauty - lakes and mountains in abundance - Google Killarney & the Ring of Kerry for details.Tourism is very strong in the area so good hotels and guesthouses are in abundance.During your visit, I would definitely recommend visting the local tourist office to get a good idea of the local attractions.You could take a few day trips by coach to get familiar with the beautiful hinterland around Killarney.I would also suggest that you visit the National Park in Killarney ,which is a lovely lakeside parkland & should you wish you can take short boat trips around the lakes from the National Park.
Having said all that & whilst Killarney would be one of the most attractive locations in Ireland in which to relocate ,you cetainly will miss the sunshine of your home State - it does rain quite a bit in Ireland ,even in Summer, but then again ,our Winters can be relatively mild ,weatherwise - It's the rain & moisture that keeps the country green.
Killarney is the 2nd largest town in County Kerry ,with Tralee being the Capital. Killarney would have a good selection of shops & other facilities & great tourist accomodation,although accomodation costs can be a little on the high side & finding accomodation to rent such as houses & apartments could be challenging,as demand is high.
Overall a lovely location but I feel that the weather is going to be a big issue for you ,particularly if you like the sunshine !!
Good luck to you.Perhaps you would post your visiting experience once you have made the visit/returned home.

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