Re: Breaking Belize News ( NOT Good News)

Whether your responses actually fit into this Forum or not I have gotten something from all. Thank you you all for your comments, from a Canadian who appreciates your responses.

This of course is just not related to reality

you mis spoke. what you meant to say is how Bush bought the election in florida.

Hi everyone,

Can you please share your views on the questions of the initiator regarding Belize ?

Let us not systematically associate the issue addressed in post one to another country. Obviously links will be made but try to focus on Belize.

Thanks in advance,

A general question was asked and answered in a way hopefully a person who has not visited or lived in Belize could comprehend,
If you have a specific question please ask, or better yet visit as it is the only real way to understand.

Pgthefatman, I was very encouraged to hear about your move to Belize and your overall opinion of the country and the people. I am in the planning stages at the moment whereas I just visited there last week. I had a very nice time and I can corroborate all that you've stated about the country. I am a little concerned however, about having something to do after the newness of swimming in Hopkins and Placencia and the visiting the various eateries. I am very interested in working either in a job or some kind of business. I noticed everyone seems to have a hustle there mostly selling clothing or food items.  What is your take on keeping busy there?

I just arrived from Belize and I heard the inside scoop on that beheading. Apparently, there is more to the story than that way you are presenting it to this forum. The guy that beheaded the pastor is from Canada and had a corrupted relationship with the pastor. The pastor was attempting to extort 50K US dollars from him and they both had corrupt political ties. This sort of corruption happens in the US everyday in every state. The way you've presented it was unfair and incomplete. While I don't condone violence nor do I feel anyone should be set up  as judge, jury and executioner, I do believe that when you play that type of game especially in a country where there is greater chance of plausible denial regardless if warranted or not, there will be casualties.
All I ask is that you represent the story fairly and unbiased.....The last thing we need is more USA-like sub-par media reporting.

Unfortunately I am not really familiar with those area's, but if you are looking for a job you will need a work permit (even if self employed) this is not quite as straightforward as you would like.
We are in the process of registering as self employed and for this they look for proof of investment (property purchase will do) a business plan and a bank statement.

If you have someone offering you a job their is a section for them to fill in, which includes them having to state for how long they advertised the vacancy, how they advertised and how many people interviewed, to ensure Belizians are given jobs first.

The other alternative is with your application you submit three adverts which you have seen and could have applied for, i.e. you were qualified to do.

Hope this is of some help

Please if you are going to criticize get your facts straight the guy was not from Canada

Trying to compare corruption in the United States with corruption in Belize reflects a total ignorance of reality

Rather the perpetrator was from Canada, Belize or East Who Cares is not the really the important fact here. The real issue here is the shading of the news in a way as is common in the United States by painting a false narrative that breeds general fear mongering. Interested people would like to get a fair and balanced view of Belize without need for biased opinions not rooted in fact.
You want to talk about facts, then why don't you please share with us the reality of the details that helps everyone understand if this is a case of general lawlessness that is common to everyone in Belize or a one-off case of corrupted parties participating in a deal gone bad.

The  problem is the real Facts are unknown and as in most cases here never will be known, just a lot of supposition and opinion

I understand that but as in most cases around the world, there will always be corruption and there will always be people who seem to know more or less than what is corroborated by the known truth.

The only impetus to my comments are that people deserve a fair opinion to how this type of "news" is reported. I would hope that based on what has already been stated here in this forum, they would not think that this is indicative of the general social fabric to the Belize people as a whole.

So when you give partial "facts" such as the comment you made, then apparently you know more than what is currently known by even the prosecutors of the case.

If that is true then please do tell....inquiring minds would like to know.

Only stated what was reported in the news, that originally he was thought to be Canadian then it was found that he was from another Latin American country, it may further be found that he is from another country entirely.

Everything said on this subject is pure speculation, I have heard a few varying stories that people have sworn to be true, speculation, assumption , looking to be popular, whatever.
It still comes down to assumptions and speculations and hearsay, not facts.
There is nothing to be said except gossip, until and if more facts come to light.

Thank you, I appreciate your candor and filling in the holes on this subject. Again, I am not trying to be catty or divisive but I only want Belize to be fairly represented. It is such a beautiful country with all of the challenges of a developing nation. I find the people warm and inviting notwithstanding the few who could ruin it without the need for an unbiased news reporting.
It really upsets me that the pattern of "news reporting" in the states seems to lean towards the agenda that is being attempted to be pushed as the soup-du jour.
I only hope that Belize can bypass the same informational avenues taken by the states that contribute to the painting by and large as a decadent place not worthy of an up close and personal review by those looking for such aesthetics in their choice of places to live.

Good Afternoon, here we go about the US again. Belize does not have the checks, and balance systems like other countries. Also in the US church, and state are keep separate. Belize claims to be founded in Christianity, turning a blind eye to other faiths, and those that have none at all. Also in Belize you have a thing called retialliation as witnessed in the case.

(1) pastor dead is horrific but mass shootings where kids frequent in America is not? It's all POV and it's ALL horrific. To a mouse, a cat is horrifying. Cats don't make the news though. Danger is under every stone. You just have to choose the danger you can live with.

The US and Belize are different countries.  You should be ok if you dont pick up stones?

You are right. However my comment was not expressing our global wide disasters. At the time of this posting I was trying to gather specific information about Belize itself, it was not intended to express or demean any other place, town, city or country in the world.

You seem like one of the few good eggs B. I stand (sit, actually) corrected. I only meant that there are poisonous creatures in every ecosystem (literally and figuratively).
I hope you find what you are looking for.

It would be nice to know where in Belize you reside..

Much has transpired since my original post, Canada is going down the toilet and the US has a new President that seems to be on track. Even though Belize still looks like the place to be. Any suggestions on what is the best way for someone to enter into Belize who is over 60yrs and wants to bring some personal belongings/furniture traveling by motorhome but no other vehicle. Would love your input/views .

Not there yet actually but I purchased land in Corozal.

BunnieMarie :

Any suggestions on what is the best way for someone to enter into Belize who is over 60yrs and wants to bring some personal belongings/furniture traveling by motorhome but no other vehicle. Would love your input/views .

Bunnie, I have read your Bio.
I do not like having to tell anyone bad news, but I need to be blunt, I hope you can forgive me. I don't think the primitive infrastructure of Belize is well suited for someone  with your special needs, outside of perhaps a few of the luxury tourist resorts. 

I love Belize, and talk it up to people all the time, but also explain to them for me its like going back in time for many things we take for granted in the USA (and what I have seen of canada). Paved roads are not the norm in most areas, often the ones that are paved are in poor condition. Dirt roads and rain = mud. Wheelchair ramps are virtually non existent. Many doorways are not wide enough, restrooms.... the same. 

Before you and your husband drive or ship your motorhome to Belize, I would urge you to fly down to make a visit in person, only you know what your needs are. I have written and erased several versions of this because I did not want to be the bearer of bad news, did not want to be the one to step on your dream, please forgive me.

I just read your bio too Bunny and I have to agree the primitive nature of Healthcare in Belize and the Primitive nature of getting around in Belize would make your situation somewhat difficult

Hi Texblondi!   This is off the topic of the corruption originally posted....BUT you had mentioned you were going to Corozal this past November....and I was wondering if you did...and if you could let me know your thoughts.    We're in the process of looking for a house in Belize and Corozal was on my list....  at the top.. but would love to hear your thoughts as it seems you've been there quite a bit.   Any insight would be very greatly appreciated!! :D    thanks in advance ... take care.. ttys :)

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