Formal lessons to improve my French and advise where to live please.

Hi I am planning to be in Senegal for about three months starting in September to improve my French and have a bit of a holiday. I need to improve my French for my work. The best places to have formal lessons appear to be the Boabob Center and the French Institute? If anybody can offer me advice it would be great. Also places to live?  Again any ideas would be really helpful.  I currently live in Madagascar so if anybody is planning a trip here I am happy to help. Thanks :)

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The French institute seems your best chance : … tut-.html, members will guide you on that point.

As for places to live, i recommend you read the Accommodation in Senegal article, you will get an overview and for more precise infos, do not hesitate to read the other accommodation related articles in the Accommodation in Senegal section of the Expat Guide.

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