got fiance permit now tax office needs more documents

hi guys !

  I hope everyone is doing well ..  just wondering as how cooperative is the tax office in Norway  as they are the ones who issue a paper which says that there is no impediment to marry .
I have my fiance permit  but now i need some recent documentation to submit in tax office as well..
it clearly requires my recent civil status certificate ( stating that you are never married )  which should not be more than four months old ..
i will get that  by tomorrow :)  but  i have no clue if it needs some more attestation as i will submit the original one ..  so far the information i have read , it is not very clear if they need the apostile stamp as  the original one has different stamps .. 
the same certificate without apostile stamp was accepted by the UDI while i was waiting for the application..  can anyone enlighten me on this please ?  I have the permit now . but the tax office will issue the letter which can allow us to marry ..  so im again uncertain and a bit worried.. I will appreciate your response . :)

Hi Rish,
As per my knowledge You need single certificate form Local Union Council then get it attested by MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and at last Norwegian Embassy in Islamabad attests it again. This is procedure for submission to UDi, that embassy guided me as they don't accept apostile of Pakistan in UDi. (No older than 6 months months rule applies.)

But In case of Submission to Tax Office you can inquire if they are kind enough to accept your single certificate with apostile stamp in Norway.  My recommendation would be get a new one attested by MOFA Pakistan minimum, there shouldn't be a problem with that.

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