Residency for the DR in the UK

Hi all. I'm not so new to this group this this is the first time to write a post.....I believe anyway!

How are you all?

A little about me, Im 29, am a flight attendant at a UK airline and am looking into residency in the DR. Over the years I've been to the Dominican hundreds of times and adore the place. After a week holiday in a condo (Serena Village) in Punta Cana I decided that I would come back find a house and hopefully get residency.

So far I've emailed Guzman lawyers, they're getting back to me next week, but I was ideally looking for anyone that had applied for residency from here in the UK. From the embassy website the requirements seem to be very different from the US/Canada so I'm hoping that there are some Brits on here that have any experiences that they can share?

I'm looking to buy in the La Romana area - we used to do trips here many years ago and we stayed at Casa de Campo - obviously I know the city is completely different :-) but it is a beautiful part to be in. I'm looking at this area specifically rather than POP as we fly to PUJ 5-6 times a week from the UK and just twice to POP so it makes sense to me. I loved Serena Village however a 3 bed house is what I want more than a condo. Is there anywhere online that can give roundabout figures for houses? I'm looking at a safer area as the house won't be lived in daily.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys. I'm a member a forum about the Philippines and man you guys on here are absolutely FANTASTIC!


Welcome to the forums. Go find the thread on residencia. The only difference is the police check. Confirm what is needed from the closest consulate in the UK.

Houses left empty several days a week - not a great idea even in a gated community. You will be better in an apartment!

Thanks, I can't confirm as the embassy here is moving. But the information seems to be old as it says to apply for everything in the DR - thats why I thought it would be a good idea to see if there are any Brits on here that have some prior knowledge :-)

Welcome Mike,

Yes you need to start the process back in the  UK and not here.  You will need to contact the embassy or consulate in the UK to get the ball rolling.

Depending on the community (gated and "secure) you can leave a home unattended for a period of time but this is not the usual case.  Apartments or condos will better server your purpose.

Bob K

Hi Bob thanks I'll look into that. I have loads more questions about other topics so ill post them soon :-) thanks to all for your replies

Keep reading and keep asking questions.  Good luck

Bob K

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