Terminating Lease Contract

Hi all,
I was just wondering that what is the ruling regarding terminating the lease agreement early.

My wife needs medical attention and needs to go back to home country.

I have spent 2 months and planning to leave the  flat next month. So total 3 months of stay.

Is there any penalty? If yes, then how much and what are the rules and my rights.

Thanks in advance:-)

Hi Reyyan,

The clause would be embedded in your agreement.
For example, in my case it is mentioned that I have give a 3 months notice or pay in lieu of it.

Having said that, the manager (in Al Habib), who interacted with me, also mentioned....if there is a genuine reason, and I have to go back .....I could get them another tenant and pay the mandatory charges required for the new agreement at actual (which was 3% of the value earlier) .

Hope this helps.

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