Hi All! 

This single, well-travelled architect is permanently moving to Belize in a couple of weeks!  Yes, I have work in San Ignacio and environs, and will be more active on this venue after I get there.  I already know in person more than several ex-pats in my new home town. 

Shipping from Galveston TX to there has been quite the adventure, in making this happen.

I have two important questions to post!:

1.  Does anyone know a good broker there in Belize City who can get my 40' household goods container thru the import process?

2.  Does anyone know of a reliable moving company with a large truck (not a pickup truck!) who can take the container items and move them directly to the house I am renting in San Ignacio?  (Load/Unload) ?

I will be there in Belize when the household goods container arrives, probably towards the end of August.  Will know exact date before the ship sets sail out of Houston next week or two. But, I will be there whenever the ship arrives.

Please help me on these two questions!  Thank you so very much!  Scott

Hi Scottyboytx,

I suggest you read the following thread : Moving Companies and the other threads in the Tips for moving to Belize section of the forum till members shed the light on your questions.

You may even request a free quote from our moving partner here :

All the best,

Each town in Belize has an expat forum groups where infos are shared

Thank you for your response!  Yes, I'm up on many things online, was looking for a personal reference to either a broker or a moving co.  thanks!

Hello you could try Cayo Self Storage in San Ignacio they probably help move your stuff, it is run by expats and reliable. They have a website you could check out, regards

We have just moved from the UK to Belize (San Ignacio) and had goods shipped out, would recommend :alex-usher[at], he will handle every document required as well as arrange delivery to your door, he is approved and registered with the relevant authorities here, and if my memory is correct used to be a customs official.

Hello, Scott, I will be following you later this year with a container that I am trucking down through Mexico myself, but I will also be looking for a broker. I should be able to develop some good contacts, as my son knows the Prime Minister, but that won't happen until after I arrive on a preliminary  trip in October. But I would be interested in any information you gather as you go through the process, as this type of information can be helpful to others.
I can say one thing. You will likely develop patience or go crazy. I have experience in Guyana, which has the same British culture characteristics, and it can be very time consuming. It would be important to remember that you will have a certain number of days free for the container to clear customs, and then it will cost perhaps $50 a day demurrage. It makes no difference if the problem is yours or the government's, you pay! It is important to have titles for anything  that normally would have a title, but this will probably be required for you even before shipment from the US.
Keep in mind that this is how the country pays its operating expenses, as the locals have very little to tax, it is not illogical. It is just not how we are used to doing things. Just sit down with a cool drink and gather in the things that bustle around you, and you'll be alright. Tom

Thank you, Tom.  I know the drill and I am Mr. Patient.  I understand how the govt makes money.  I am easy going and will go thru the process just fine. :}

Glad to hear that, Scotty. Perhaps we'll meet in the future. Tom

I  have a love/hate relationship with computers - computers love to exasperate me, and I love computers to shovel dirt with, or use as a shim when lifting a house.....A few weeks ago, I copied information about a Mennonite business transporting items from Dallas to Belize each week. Microsoft Word crashed, and I have lost the info to 'the cloud' or somewhere. Does anyone have information on what seemed to be a fine resource (they evidently handle all the paperwork, even delivering to your Belize address)?

This is who we used and would highly recommend. Our container 40' was delivered right to our back door in Placencia and they brought help to unload. Higest integrity and experienced in dealing with customs in Belize City. You must have a company that is very familar with the local BC customs officials.
Belize Customs House Brokers -Ernesto Perera
Category: Members
Position: Customs Broker
Tlf: +(501) 227-3112/ 227-5622
Mobile: +(501) 610-1451

Hi everyone,

@ Carolyn1, could you please recommend this professional in the Belize business directory ? Members will easily find the contact details whenever they need a reliable service.

Thank you in advance,

Just replying to a specific request. I know this broker personally as he handled all aspects of our move to Belize using a 40' container and also provided great assistance in moving back to the US. He is honest and well connected. I cannot speak to the professional skills of anyone else.

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