Hi Fellow Ladies! - A little bit about me...

Hello ladies - (I am not looking to start friendships with Men - thank you!)

I have moved to Riyadh, KSA on 28th of June 2016 to join my Husband who has already been here for over a year.

I am starting to lose my sanity somewhat as I do not know anyone here nor am I familiar with anything to do around here, places to go and see, where to find certain things..and am hoping to meet some other ladies who are also in a similar situation/want to connect to hang out & experience Riyadh together!

I am a German and Special Needs (Autism) Teacher and am also actively seeking employment.

I speak Dutch, English, German and Urdu and I am a Dutch national with a Pakistani Mother and Dutch Father.

I have resided in;
Karachi , Pakistan
Dubai, UAE
Utrecht , Netherlands
Hamburg, Germany
London, UK
Paderborn , Germany
Windsor, UK
Toronto, Canada
And now am in Riyadh, KSA.

I went to Aston University - German & European Studies / Politics (Bsc Joint Honours)..

That's pretty much the basics, hope to hear from you gals soon!

Hi! I feel strange answering this as we haven't moved there (just over a month to go) yet but want to make sure we can connect once I do get there.

I am an artist and art teacher and we will be locating at the end of summer. I'd love to meet up with you then.


Hi how are you..i also recently came Riyadh on 29 june..i m an indian.

Hi Marcieartist! Great to hear from you, yes it would be great to connect , please send me a message when you are here / en route! 🙂


The lady has been very clear in her wish to contact only other ladies.
That being clear, please stay off this thread.

Thank you Fred. I thought I was being clear enough.

Welcome on board  :cheers:

And I do hope your social circle will extend soon so you'll never be bored.

Good luck.

Thank you PrimaDonna 🙂

Hi mehek

I am moving to Saudi to Riyadh in a few months time to join my husband there too. It's all a bit daunting and really don't know what to expect. I am also British born and bred - and of Pakistani heritage on my parents side. I have been to Jeddah before many many years ago but I'm sure things are different in Riyadh somewhat. I Used to work in Abu Dhabi which again is a completely different ballgame!

Would be good to keep in touch and connect when I land.

How are you finding it so far and how is the accommodation? Have u managed to get a compound or are you guys living outside. Hop you are settling in ok. INSHALLAH.

Take care

Oh I've just noticed you are from Windsor!! That is co cool--- I am from Woking!!! It's about 30 mins away!!!

Hi Tabsy,
Sounds great - please touch base when you get here! We are in a's different for sure, first week I was struggling but now it's ok, there is beauty in everything & have to remain positive!
I think also not knowing anyone is a big part of it so I look forward to getting acquainted and exploring Riyadh together! :)

Yes Woking is not far! - Good to also knowing someone near to home! :)

That's great. I sure will do that.

If you don't mind me asking , how did you go about finding yourself a suitable compound? We are a bit overwhelmed with the different compounds and which ones to go for. Are you in a western compound or mixed? Big or small?


Hi Tabsy,
The compound was something my husband arranged and part of his job location & job so it depends on where your husband works and where does he stay now? It's pretty big, and mixed with various expats :)

Hello Mehak

Hope you are doing well. I read your post a while ago today and here I am sending you this post . In case you would like be friends with me or ask any questions about Riyadh, please go ahead and do so. You can send me a private message to contact me.

I will be looking forward to reading your reply,



I've been in Riyadh for 2 years now and still feels soo lonely for me without family haven't made any friends would you mind to chat on whatsapp?

Hi Ranyamajid send me a direct message! :)

Hello Saania, let's connect! :)

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