Sports in Vietnam

Hello everyone,

The Olympic Games are now just a few days away and we would like to talk about sports.

What sports are the most popular and/or unusual in Vietnam?

Are sports facilities easily accessible there? Where and how can one find sports clubs in the region?

Are there sports events regularly held in the country?

And you? What is your favourite sport? Which one(s) do you practice in Vietnam?

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The standout favourite sport in Vietnam is soccer (which Brits call football). The TV broadcasts matches from all round the world, as well as from all over VN and gamblers lose fortunes betting on the outcomes of games. Every village has a soccer pitch and a local competion, and every beach can be used as a pitch, too.

Volley ball is popular throughout VIetnam, with players on the men's and women's national teams  enjoying hero status almost equal to the national soccer teams.

The next most popular sport is martial arts, particularly karate, taekwondo and the local Vietnamese versions, namely võ Binh Định (Binh Dinh martial arts), võ cổ truyền (traditional style martial arts, and Võvinam (Vietnam martial art). There are well attended martial arts schools all Vietnam.

A popular pass time and sport is đá cầu long (kick shuttle), which is played like badminton and a shuttle, but the shuttle is kicked across the net with the feet. 
see pic at; … 88-238.jpg

Sepak takraw ( cầu mây in Vietnamese), is a similar game played with a woven bamboo ball. Following the introduction of sepak takraw in to the SEA Games,  the Vietnamese retrained a team of cau long players, who do quite well in international  sepak takraw competitions. 
see pic at: … d119565365

For myself, I cycle, swim in the mountain streams, and  do judo and aikido.
See a slow and gentle aikido demonstation at

A favourite sport for many expats and increasing numbers of Vietnamese is a weekly run with the not for profit Hash House Harriers "chapters" in Hanoi, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Saigon and Vung Tau - some having started more than 20 years ago.
Hashing is an ideal way to see new places and faces in your local area, as well as having some nice outdoor exercise followed by lots of "fellowship", ie drinking beer, soft drinks or whatever takes your fancy as you socialise with your fellow Hashers.
Go to this link and browse to your heart's content (don't forget the Run Reports page!):
Everyone welcome to join us at 2 pm any Sunday, rain, hail or shine - all details on the website, or use the "Contact VTH3" facility!
On On!

Badminton is one favorite sport in Saigon. There's a lot of indoor courts if you don't want to play in the open. Play badminton to keep fit and meet new friends :)

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Have you ever seen a foreigner inline skating in Vietnam?

Never an adult (yet), but plenty of the younger set - particularly on 2 April square in Nha Trang and the Front Beach Park in Vung Tau.  Another one is Segways or whatever they call them here: lots of young and older kids cruising around on them all of a sudden - must be the symbol of "nouveau riche"!

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Sounds like an educated family.

You said "Southern Vietnam" - which is absolutely correct.  Central Vietnam stretches from Nha Trang up to Hue, and the rest of the country is northern Vietnam.  None of which has anything to do with the topic for this thread, which is "sports in Vietnam" - so let's please try and stay focused so this thread doesn't get hijacked by trolls and pedants with too much time on their hands................

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WAO SUP - I'm intrigued about your launch of stand-up paddle boarding in Saigon. Where do you do it? (sorry, I don't do facebook).

A favourite sports for many people in Saigon is rugby and touch rugby. The Saigon Geckos run touch rugby session on Sat 4pm at RMIT, D7 and Sun 3:30pm at Thao Dien Sport, D2 that welcomes all players and is family friendly. No cost for local Vietnamese players.

The Saigon Geckos RFC will celebrate their 25th anniversary after this year. They are a proud rugby club that promote rugby in SEA Asia by playing visiting teams and touring to play teams in Hanoi, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia. And are proudly part of the 2016 Saigon 10's Rugby tournament.

SRFC Club Captain

Newly arrived expats may also be interested in Australian football. The Vietnam Swans play in the local international competition. A record 17 teams have nominated for the 2016 AFL Asian Championships, to be held in Saigonon 15 October 2016.

Tried your website several times, WAO SUP, but can't get access for some reason.  We live in Vung Tau and visit my wife's family in Saigon frequently - but they're up near the airport, long way from D7.  I was just wondering if you'd found a man-made lake somewhere in the city, or even managed to get permission to use the canals.  Not to worry, Hashing takes most of my time anyway - good luck with your venture!

I've always loved the growth of artificial turf fields in Saigon. 5 a side football is such a fun game and great exercise and it's awesome to see it being so popular among the community. I just wish I was better at football so I could play it regularly.

My preference is basketball, but unfortunately there aren't many courts, especially indoor ones.

Saigon Cyclists looks like a very serious cycling club for both expats and locals. See

Been living in Nha Trang for a year now... seen plenty of tennis courts in town... beach volleyball is another craze here amongst the locals... younger lot take to inline skating... plenty of gyms in town where guys are pumping weights.... :D

Does anyone know if there is any ultimate frisbee in Hanoi? If not then it would be great to get a team started amongst the expats!

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