Sports in Uganda

Hello everyone,

The Olympic Games are now just a few days away and we would like to talk about sports.

What sports are the most popular and/or unusual in Uganda?

Are sports facilities easily accessible there? Where and how can one find sports clubs in the region?

Are there sports events regularly held in the country?

And you? What is your favourite sport? Which one(s) do you practice in Uganda?

Thank you in advance,


People in Uganda love football. Football is the national sport of Uganda. I am not a fan of football, but I do watch important games like the world cup football (quarter finals to final). I love cycling, fishing and camping.

Oh yes,

Sports invites everyone and with everyone there is happiness.

Besides soccer, we have rugby. Currently we just completed the Tier 1A Africa games with Kenya, Namibia and Zimbabwe. You can always enjoy this action at Lugogo Rugby grounds, Entebbe and Makerere thats's within Kampala.

Volleyball season is on at the MTN Arena in Lugogo every Saturday and Sunday.

Cricket at the cricket oval in Lugogo every Saturday night.

Chess is another sport also at Lugogo.

And a few more unmentioned. What sport would you like to know about?

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