Sports in Mauritius

Hello everyone,

The Olympic Games are now just a few days away and we would like to talk about sports.

What sports are the most popular and/or unusual in Mauritius?

Are sports facilities easily accessible there? Where and how can one find sports clubs in the region?

Are there sports events regularly held in the country?

And you? What is your favourite sport? Which one(s) do you practice in Mauritius?

Thank you in advance,



Very interesting topic I would love to see the feedback. My kids love sports and would like to know what is available.

I am also looking for hockey clubs for my kids.  Does anyone know if hockey is available?


Talking about unusual sports, I can come up with Ultimate Frisbee which was non existent in MRU until we started about three years ago now.

As for sports club, that would depend on the region. For eg, on the west coast, there is riverland which is where we have been playing ultimate on sunday mornings...


I, too, was looking for hockey but never found it and have been here 3 years,

Ultimate Frisbee is very good fun though, especially for families! The Black River group is awesome too!! Very friendly!

My partner and I offer, yoga classes, fitness classes and hiking both privately, in couples, small groups and medium sized groups ** as a good way to keep fit, healthy and happy both inside and out!

Lots of beach tennis around too... soccer and volley ball also.

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The most popular sport here in Mauritius is definitely football (soccer) either to play or to watch from your sofa :-)
Trail running is gaining more and more popularity here in Mauritius with regular races whole through the year (almost one per month). You can have a look at to get the calendar.
For the kind of unusual sport which I also practice, I can propose squash (beginner to intermediate) in tamarin between friends during week days. We pay 200Rs per person and we can play for one hour. we usually play on wednesday.

Cheers !

Hi Priscilla,

Though Mauritius is small in comparison to most Olympic bound countries, yet, the Mauritius society participate in most sports. Football grounds built for every section of the Mauritius society places footbal a.k.a. soccer at the top. Martial arts and weight lifting is growing. The diabetic scourge is equally being pushed away with the aerobics culture and body building habits that are becoming part of the Mauritian wellness culture. Yoga and traditional dances of all cultures are deeply practiced with passion. Walks and Horse riding is done but by a minority. Swimming and water games are done by most. As a true Nigerian,I participate in football but it is not as regular as i would love due to the weather driven habits and policy of the government , meaning stadia are all shut in winter. Another big obstacle to my fitness is the dogs that seem to have been increasing on the streets. I like to practice Taekwondo and competitive climbing.These dogs are scared and some are scary to me and interfers with my freedom to jog and enjoy the natural Mauritius scenery that is most beautiful and exquisite. A friend of mine Kennedy is going to the Olympics and i told him he owes us a gold in boxing. Other massive athletes in Taekwondo, weightlifting etc are going to the Rio games. I wish them all, victory and safety! Go and win and come back in good health!

Allez Allez! Morris!


I live in Pereybete and enjoy most sports. Am active at gym and Karate and have own Soho



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Own dojo ...apologies

way to go Vince. i was wondering what that meant till you corrected to Dojo. i know the name is same for most martial arts. lol well done. you must have an excellent build and body balance

Hi all,

Right now I am trying to give my basketball team a new life and need some new blood. If you are interested or know somebody interested I will be pleased to welcome you.

Send me a message and I will get back to you. I do not need professonals as the level here is not that high. But I do need people who love balling.

Our team is situated in the north and we can try to move around for training. We do not have any coach as such but we have managed a lot till now. We had to drop this season due to lack of players. We will be relegated next season. But we know we can make it back up.

Eager to hear from you.


Hi All

Tennis as a sport is full of fun. I am part of a club in Beau Bassin where you can play for fun, skill development, cardio exercise, slimming sport and to be a national player.
For more information you can contact the trainer directly: Ivan Thomas or contact myself.

We will be more than pleased to guide you through.



I know my cousin in Mauritius played tennis. Also saw people playing some beach football.

No one practices snorkeling or scuba diving ? Plenty of nice things to see underwater ;)

I also practise biking in the cane fields and it's quite de-stressing (if anyone is interested in biking in the north, just let me know)

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