Sports in China

Hello everyone,

The Olympic Games are now just a few days away and we would like to talk about sports.

What sports are the most popular and/or unusual in China?

Are sports facilities easily accessible there? Where and how can one find sports clubs in the region?

Are there sports events regularly held in the country?

And you? What is your favourite sport? Which one(s) do you practice in China?

Thank you in advance,


Most popular sport in China is Basketball for the young and Ping-pong for the old. Well I like football but play occasionally. Love swimming but this too is only possible during small.

I think it should be basketball. But it's not so easy to get access to the facilities or find clubs. There're some nationwide basketball games that are held every year. But I don't think they're doing it right. That's why I'm starting my own business in sports industry this year.

The most popular sport is basketball, but football (soccer for our American friends) is on the rise. Especially in the first tier cities there are grassroots football programs for kids popping up everywhere.

I'm involved in a few of those programs here in Shanghai.

I'm also on the board of the Shanghai International Football League, a big expat league with two divisions. And in that league I run a club with two teams.

Yes basketball can see play everywhere across china also badminton but china  Olympic medal winning sports practice not common sports plays everywhere as basketball  and badminton. that china Olympic gold medal winning sport practice are in underground,

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