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Ok guys and gals time for a new topic,my first topic.  I ask you to tell me some good gym but no commercial and not lot of crowd,cheap price.I know a gym at Vivaldi Hotel but the machines are not good.I will be in St. Julian so i prefer gym in St. Julian maybe Sliema.

My employer gave me a list of gyms in different areas and for St Julian's they had Cynergi listed. Looks like they do different membership deals including no long term obligation.

I don't know what you mean about 'not commercial' though and I'm sorry but as I haven't used it I don't know about the crowds. Good luck finding somewhere :)

Thanks,Cynergi seems like a great gym,by not commercial i was meaning a smaller gym not much crowded because i know a gym like that but the machines are bad, so i thought maybe someone knows better than me to find that kind of gym.It's not a big deal i will look into Cynergi.

Take care.

The gym at the Westin Dragonara Hotel is less crowded than Cynergi and they replaced almost all the equipment 2 weeks ago

Check out Neptunes gym, where the outdoor pool is in Ballutta bay. It's cheap and has whst you need.

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