Looking for mental health services in Riyadh

I am moving from the united states to Riyadh and really need to get a loved one equipped with mental health services. I am looking for a therapist and a psychiatrist.

I haven't had much luck in my search so far, all the doctors seem to be Arabic. I am looking for someone who can preferably speak some english (or udru/hindi).

Any recommendations or contacts would be very helpful!

I wish you the best in finding mental health services here...they basically don't exist.  You might find a private counselor via your embassy but not likely.  The local population frowns on mental health as a problem, although a lot of people here could really benefit from an assessment/treatment!  I've been looking for someone for 7 years!  My mom died 3 years ago and there was NO grief counseling, NO religious counseling (I'm Christian) and NO support.  It was a difficult time.   The Saudi's simply don't believe in mental health services.  Good luck.

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