Herschel Co. Shops in Saigon

Hello everyone! I'm desperately looking for a Herschel Co. retailer around Saigon. I've been to Crescent Mall, Vincom, Balo vndx, balohoanghien, Shooz and but still can't find the bag I want. Do you know any shops unmentioned above? Thanks!

Hi! I think I saw one in Pearl Plaza! :)

There is a balo store. Balo is the name of the store in tran quang dieu d.3 .

Crescent mall 3rd floor bag section but limited herschel bags.. last timeit was 30% discount. Or try vincom center, 2 floors up near childten's section. Or try l'uisine cafe..they have limited bags also.

L'Usine carries Herschel Supply Co.


I am working in accessories area for backpack & hangbag.

Herschel is our customer indeed have factory making them product .

Which kind of bag You want? Maybe I could help find it


where is your store?

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