Help needed :)

Dear All!
Could You please let me know how much MUR or USD should I expect as a senior specialist in supply chain, with 5 years experience?
Thank You!

Hi Kamilau,

have you already received a job offer, or are you expecting one ?

I can't precisely reply to your question as I am not working in the same sector, but please note that at the moment, the minimum wage to get an occupation permit is 60,000 rs

(I wrote "at the moment" as it might change by the end of the week)

Thank You very much Julien! It was very helpful! I haven't received a job offer yet. I was asked to providenmy salary expectations... And without anu data about the numbers in Mauritius it is extremaly hard :(

Maybe you should try contacting :

Business Mauritius : (it is the national employers' federation)

and the MCCI :

I guess they should have figures ? Could you please just let me know if they've helped ?

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