Living socialising and working in France

I have lived and worked in France since 2002 and would like to meet/help/discuss with anyone new to France

Hi Paul,

Maybe you could share with us your experience so far  :)  How is life in France and specially how you find it in the city/region you moved to.

All the best,

Hi, I have not encountered many problems since moving here in 2002. I have worked and made friends with a lot of French people and feel at home in France.
Although my French is far from correct I have little problem communicating. I enjoy France and all I have discovered since being here. I live in the Gers which is in the midi Pyrénées and about 40 minutes from Toulouse.

hi how was the living in France?

Depends in which context you are talking. Happy to meet and discuss, depending if you are already in France and where you are if not email or phone.

Hi Paul,

I live in the south of France, near Marseille. I moved in in April with my French boyfriend. There's lots of things I really like about France but I have struggled sometimes, especially with meeting people. We live in a small town so I haven't been able to find work as my French isn't good (I'm taking lessons to improve). It would be great to hear any advice you might have about getting on well here.


Hi I am sure the early years can be difficult, you have an advantage in living with a French person.
I'm sure no two cases are the same. I was fortunate enough to find a fair amount if work when I arrived here as we had friends in the region, one of whom worked for an estate agent and therefore knew lots of incomers looking for help.
I have had a couple of full time jobs here but currently work part-time which suits me. I don't earn a lot of money, but seem to get by without amassing debt. I have a young family (4 children between 3 and 8) which means an amount of social contact with parents and school friends.
The midi Pyrénées has been good to me and I have made friends all the way along.
What are your essential frustrations here ? What can/do you want to do for work here?
Not sure if this helps. Feel free to ring me or mail me direct.
Good luck and don't hesitate to contact me if you need information/ help.


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