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I am moving to France from USA in one month. I am wondering if my TV will need to be replaced because of the voltage change, or if a converter will be enough to save it. I also have a tempurapedic bed that raises electronically. Will that be at risk with the voltage change in France? Any advice will be appreciated.

Terry, you can answer your question by looking at the appliance labeling on the back near the power cable or the power supply that connects to it or by referencing the product manual.  If it says AC110-240V, 50/60Hz, then you only need a power outlet adapter (aka travel adapter) to convert from US to EU style outlets.  The device will automatically change voltage.

If it does not say AC110-240V, 50/60Hz, and only says AC110-120V 60Hz then you will require a power transformer to step down the voltage from 220 to 110.  If you plug in without one of these, your appliance will instantly go boom and cease to function, as well as probably trip the circuit breaker for the room.  Not fun at all :)

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Thank you!  This was VERY helpful!!

Transformers come in many types, but the thing you really need to watch is the wattage.
Small things will be fine for a mobile phone or other light electronics, but motors and heating elements need something able to handle the load.
The cure for 110v USB charges is replace them; it's cheaper and easier.
Building equipment shops sell what you need to cover the technical aspects for heavy duty gear, but they're big ugly yellow things.
The transport costs might well end up making bringing your stuff over more expensive than buying new.

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