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Hi there,

I'm Camille, I arrived in Saigon 2 weeks ago and I'm an English teacher there. I would like to learn Vietnamese. I'm looking for an exchange I speak English fluently and French is my mother tongue. If you're interested please contact me!


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Hi Camille,
Welcome to Saigon, a city with crazy traffic  :D . Anyway, if you have got  someone to share your interest, it's great. Otherwise, I'm very pleased to help. English is my beloved. Vietnamese is my mother tongue for sure. I'm thinking about acquiring other foreign languages and French is one of my consideration.
Send me a PM if you wish to contact. Hope to meet you. :top:

Hello Camille,
My name is Shanni, I'm Vietnamses so I think I can practice speak Vietnamese with you, beside that I also want to practice speak English with you, I think we can exchange together. If you want, let contact with me. Hope to see you


I think i will help you and take you around HCM city .

Hello everyone,

Could you please post your ad in the appropriate section? > language exchange in Saigon?

Thank you,

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