Joining Al Jouf University

Anyone joining Al Jouf University, Sakaka this year. I am going to join by this September
Hope we will be in touch

Hi Dipendra100,

Welcome to :)

It would be great if you can introduce yourself, so that the members can know more about you.



I will be joining Al Jouf University as a Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology .

How is the transportation? 

Joseph De Soto MD, PhD

Hello Prof.
Good to hear from you

I will be joining there as a Assistant Prof. of College of Applied Medical Sciences and will be there on September...i am still preparing for visa applications....

I heard from Riyadh, there is flight to Al Jouf....from Airport University people will come and pickup...

When r u going to join there??

Keep updating

Dipendra Raj Pandeya, PhD

Dipendra, I am on the way now. I will be going from Riyadh to Al Jouf.........then to a hotel for a week or two. I am curious about the transportation in Sakakah and living arrangements.


Thank you Sir for your response.
Did you reach Al Jouf or still on the, please keep updating about the siyuations there

Dr. Dipendra

i am here now processing paperwok. make sure you bring your documents of your work experience, degrees etc..they put you up in a hotel for 5 days...after that you are on your own as far as housing.


I want to know that what are the requirements for ESL teacher in Saudi universities?
I am from Pakistan but they need natives...

Sundas, many of the ESL teachers here in Al Jouf arenot fluent in English, so , I am sure that the Saudi's would appreciate an individual who was fluent in English. They are heaviy into documentation of degree's and work experience. The best option is just to apply and tell them of your credential and if interested they wil respond.


Hi sundas
Most of the universities and schools require English level which is of similar to native English speakers.
If you are confident in English language  then give it a go.

Yes....but how they can check my fluency with my degrees??
They should give me the opportunity for an interview...
My entire life has been getting me ready for this momemt...
but how can I utilize my abilities if they need a western passport....

hi fari
I want to teach in a government university...
I m trying almost everywhere....

They dont, we have instructors of english from sub-sahara africa who I cant understand when they speak english

Sundas apply for English lecturer position instead os ESL instructor position.
The nationality requirement is only for ESL.
If you have PHd in English or even masters with teaching experience could be enough to apply.

can you tell me where to apply?

can you tell me where to apply.? and how to apply?

Check the higher education websites for Saudi Universities

Al-Jouf University has a website...send a cover letter and you C.V./Resume to Human Resources.  I am a Professor at the College of Medicine, so , I think there are few programs at the University as  a whole that might be interested...I don't know you complete background so, it is hard to say

How is it???
Are you still there.
Please get in touch for same reason as you "should I take a job there?"
Thank u v much

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