Is exit date on visa stamp included ?

Hi everyone !

The title says it all. I had to change my flight to exit the Philippines to August 6th which is also the date that appears on the visa stamp I got when I entered as exit date.
Is this date also included ? Can I leave the Philippines on the date that appears as the last date of stay on my visa stamp without having troubles ? I am waiting for an answer from an immigration office (I will post it here as soon as I have it), but maybe someone was in a similar situation :)

Thanks !

i think there won't be any problem with that, so far as it is not after the date and on the date. Yet still i did say you wait for the right answer from the immigration office or better still, go to the airport and ask.

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Yea u can, yur last date of stay should be on the 6th 2359 hours.. If yur flight is after 0001 hours on the 7th then u check in before 2359hours

Yes, my flight is on August 6th at 7 pm, so I guess I will be ok, thanks :)

Hi ! Just an update in case it may help someone else in the future. There was no problem whatsoever to leave the Philippines on the exact same day of the last date on the stamp. The custom officer didn't blink an eye !

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