How stupid can people be?

Just for fun, post things that show the stupidity of people.

I'll start: this weekend over 30 people were ticketed in Guynabo for playing Pokemon Go while driving. In the steps some have driven thir car into trees. It is just a mater of time before pedestrians get run over by a player.

Your turn to post about stupid things stupid people do!

I just read a good one on a forum today. This guy went and got a $30K boat, took it to the lake and did not realized he left the plug off the boat. Decided to stop in the middle of the lake to party with his friends. Guess what? By the time he realized his brand new boat was 1/2 under and sinking fast. Total lost!

Just this morning around 8:30 in Sabana Grande on PR-2 a vehicle flew over the concrete retainer wall to the right of the breakdown lane and finally stopped after hitting an off road dirt embankment and bushes. No fatalities but 3 are in the hospital.

That was during heavy traffic so how the heck were they traveling at sufficient speed to fly over the retainer wall. Is beyond me. Likely they were traveling at high speed in the breakdown lane.

No details from police yet as to how it happened.
Will people ever learn?

He was looking for a pokemon!!  :o

If it was in the dirt enbankment pass the concrete wall he probably found it, but did he cach it?

They are going to need to borrow another car theirs is total

I heard recently a teenager was playing pokemon and walked out into oncoming traffic and got hit then tried to sue the driver.  Sheesh!

adlin, I've heard of people doing that, too, with their boat, haha!

Schuttzie :

I heard recently a teenager was playing pokemon and walked out into oncoming traffic and got hit then tried to sue the driver.  Sheesh!

Stupidity does tends to kill, but it does not occurs offten enogh to reduce the population of stupid people.

The big problem is when their stupidity puts other people or animals or property at risk.

Here is a good one, stupid criminal:

Lady in Canada has her purse stolen with her iPhone in it.
So she purchases a new iPhone and proceeds to restore all her emails, music and photos from iCloud. She gets a big surprise when amoung the photos is a selfy of the criminal. The Mounties arrested him 48 hours later. … -1.3004454

Here another one: stupid prisoner hides phone where the sun does not shine. … ttom-news/

A French bloke broke into an Indonesian military base looking for pokemon.
They realised he was just an idiot so they didn't shoot him. … itary-base

Here is a web site with some stupid things … mp;first=1

:o  Hi Rey,
I have a good one for you, was driving on la #3 which is a busy road average speed 40+,
Low and behold theres a whole family smack straight ahead of me parked in the middle of
The road with their trunk fully opened, picking mangos off the street and side (cuneta)
Was quite the scene... 😤 incredible only in P.R....
I got mad, then just had to laugh it off..hey they just wanted delicious mangos. LOL

Their inability to think must be being affected by all the fast food.

Stupid cyclists … 600213472/

Great!   Reminds me of a lawyer that I worked with years ago on the res - he did the same thing & did a face plant from his bike into the rear end of a police car! 

He was a real A Hole - couldn't have happened to nicer guy!   Then he got a ticket from the cops!!   :D   

Made my day!

Right, serious winning post time.
The posts so far have highlighted some major idiots, but this is easily the top post of this thread.
Moronic is way more intelligent than this lot in India

The useless fools put glass on the kite strings to cut down other kites, but they kill people when they use them.

Thick as pudding

Wow ...... that reminded me, when I was a kid in PR, my friends and I, we would sometimes tie a single edge razor blade to the kite and maneuver the kite to cut the cord of another kid flying a kite. I forgot that, it has been a while!!!!!!

Yea i done a lot of stupid thinks and got into figths for the fun of it until my late 20's.

At the time they did not seem stupid. But ad we get older we realize how stupid and danageous some of the thing we did  were.

yup - I could  write a book.  It's a wonder we made it here alive after all the crazy things we did in our youth!

I must still be young then bacause I am still doing stupid things from time to time.

We all do but now we realize it was stupid usually  right after we do

Here is a weird one reported today in Aguadilla.
A guy reported his 2015 Lexus as stolen. For some reason the police got a search warrant and an excavator, they found the car buried in his yard. He has been arrested.

Now he does not have a car and he is going to jail, how stupid is that?

Insurance fraud???

Very likely, now no car, no insurance money, no freedom and the guy will be someone's girlfriend in Jail.

Can't fix stupid.  Lexie watches the court shows during  the day there are some stupid people on them

Had a lady back her trailered boat into the water here in Florida, park her truck, start her boat but couldn't figure out why it wouldn't move properly so she hollered for some one to help her figure out why.
Yep, you guessed it, she forgot to disconnect it from the trailer.

Well at least she did not drive her truck into the water

Here's one I posted in my big thread … 573#527221

Watch the video ...

Funny but what really caught my attention are the definite full squad toilet in the train, I imagine homes have similar toilets. It's a culture thing I guess.

The video I made was the silly thing ~ The top link was shameless thread advertising :D


I saw this the other day while driving.

What do you do when you see a croc?
Easy - take a selfie next to it … -park.html

Fred :

What do you do when you see a croc?
Easy - take a selfie next to it … -park.html

Maybe next time she will take a selfie next to a pair of alligator handbags.

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