Job in Izmir


I'm Nadia, Filipino. Living in Dubai  :)

Currently I am working as a Marketing Executive in an Events Company in Dubai, but I'm planning to move in Izmir .

Can anyone help find a job there? or some advice before moving.


Job ads on JOBS section.

Hi Nadia,

Welcome to :)

I advise you to follow the advice given by Xeeschan and to post your job search in the jobs section. It is free and might give it much more visibility.

Why would you like to move to Izmir please? Have you been there before?

Nadia09 :

some advice before moving.


Please be more specific so that we can guide you in a better way. What kind of advices are you looking for?
Maybe the Living in Turkey guide will help you to find some answers to your questions. ;)

Good luck,

Priscilla  :cheers:

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