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Dear Friends,

I have sent my family outside KSA for Vacation on a valid Exit Re Entry and I'm in KSA. I will be applying for my Final Exit soon , my company PRO informed me no need to call your dependents as their Final Exit will be automatically processed when i will get a Final Exit.

Incase i dont face any problem in future , i have 2 Queries :

1. I have attached a pic below from MOI, It shows depends is outside, but it gives me a active option of Cancel Visa , Does it mean i can cancel thier ERE and automatically it will result in Final Exit for dependents ?

2. Once i get a final Exit, Should the confirm give me any hand paper , i have read  posts online which advise to take the hard paper  , if i have to apply for a new KSA in future Visa agents do ask for it ?

3. Will i get the hard paper for my Dependents as well ?

4. Whom should i hand over my Iqama and my dependents Iqama. ?  At Immigration or to my company PRO for him to go to Jawazat and cancel my and dependents VIsa?

I will be really thankful if you can provide me info.


Brother, I am also facing same issue. can you please share your experience so that i can tackle the problem.

1. I didn't call my family back for Final Exit.
2. As soon as company cancelled my Iqama , Iqama for all my dependents  was also automatically cancelled ( Even though they were holding valid ERE at that time).
3. As soon as cancellation is done, you will receive SMS for Iqama cancellation for yourself and all dependents.
4. Company handed over me a Iqama Cancellation Paper for myself and stapled my Iqama and Iqama of my dependents on it.
5. On the Airport, Immigration looked at the paper and handed it back to me ( along with Iqamas)
6.  My friend working in the company later on shared my dependents Iqama Cancellation Paper .

Since you are going for cancellation, Make sure you close all your bank account , pay all bills  Telephone /Internet.. and if you have time its better to take a Good Character Certificate from Police.

Hope it helps.

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