dominican citizen

good day
I finished the steps( and am soon going to swear on the constitution for the Dominican citizenship.Who knows how it takes place later to obtain the "cedula"

First welcome.  You say you did citizenship???  Did you do residencia? And you don't have your cedula?

Please confirm as this does not sound right.

I am resident since 3 years, and i have the "cedula" for resident (the green one "no vote".)
to morow morning i will swear to be dominican citizen,and i my question is about domican citizen ID the yellow one

Ok now I understand.  You are wanting the updated new cedula.  Well I am not sure how you go about that.  Did you have help with the citizenship application etc? They should be able to tell you.

Keep us posted, would love to hear how the swearing in goes!!!!

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