Incident Management or Excel Data analysis In New York

I am Esta, from DRC, I am actually working for Vodafone Drc as an IT process management specialist, my tasks are incidents management, changes management, asset management using BMC Remedy and administration of sage x3.
I am very  good using VLOOKUP, Pivot table in Excel, I can analysing big data, I am seeking for a job opportunity in New york.

I speak both french and english, I can be a good translator, I can analysing data in excel, I can manage incidents as per ITIL v3.

Do you know any job opportunities to share with me?

Kind regards,

Hi Esta,

Welcome on board  :)

Till members share any info with you, you may as well browse through the job sites listed at the bottom of the Find a job in New York article and add your cv in the Jobs in New York section of the website.

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Thanks a lot.

Post  your resume on the important job hunting sites.  Here's a link that lists the top 10 sites.

thanks a lot

Thanks I Will do so

Hi, did you find anything?

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