Dutch struggling in the philippines

Good day
A dutch is overstaying in the philippines for more than 12 mos
Now he is in big trouble because he got nothing anymore nor even have food to eat hes really struggling by just asking money to survive through his common law wifes friends
Now he is communicationg his embassy
And the embassy is also now communicationg with the immigration
I wonder what will happen next?
Im the wife so am so worried and been stressed out and been depressed especially that we have a 9 month old baby
We dont know how to survive anymore
Please any help or advise
Thank you

Hopefully the Dutch authorities help him get home, but doubt they will help a non citizen whom has no one to support her in the country and he has nothing, probably never did.  Does he not have family in Europe that will help or no one will help him anymore?

Strangers, used to cons looking for money with sad stories are unlikely to help.

Good luck,

I am very careful with this kind of cases ! I am not saying that Roselyn and her Dutch boyfriend are scammers... but if there is a problem, this is exactly the role of the Dutch family in Europe, not of expatriates from I have been scammed in the past by 2 guys, one from Belgium and the other from Quebec, Canada, with the same kind of problems ! So be careful all !

Advice for the Filipino mom:

Go out and find a source of income. You can use some of the money from your friends to earn a living.

Single moms here in the Philippines have survived by selling snacks like turon, tokneneng, barbecue, scramble, etc. (I'm sure you know that.) Try spending more of your time on that instead of asking for money and surfing on the internet.

Leave your kid at home with his / her dutch dad. Tell your husband to plant some veggies for you guys to eat.

Why did you two even have a kid in the first place when you do not have enough funds to support yourselves? Did your husband actually have money before, but did not budget wisely? 

Being poor sucks. You would need to economize and make sacrifices. For example, you and your husband might have to fan your kid when it's hot to save on electricity.

How we end up is a product of our decisions. That's life. Decide to support your family.

Hate to say this,but all of you are correct. I have been scammed before by sob stories. I was in Cebu visiting my wife's family at a mall. When an Expat came up and asked for 1000php,because he was stuck with his wife and child in the city. My mind and wife said not to give it to him,my heart said do it since I had extra money. I gave it to him and then watched as he went to other expats in the mall to get money also.  Well his sin not mine I believe,but I am careful of sob stories on the internet,by someone who just joined this site this week. ( Let the giver beware ) FilAmericanMom  great reply to them.

On the way to our home, an old woman in her late seventies has a small stand made from wood scraps and old tin where she sells fried bananas and turon. She walks daily from her home to the stand near a bus, jeepney and tricycle stop to open her stand and sell to the many people passing by. My wife has visited with her a number of times and she is working to help her daughter and her grand kids as well as herself.
She always has a smile for us as we pass and rarely misses a day of work for her family.
Counting blessings daily.

I got you.He got a whole selling business last year its a plastic most of it are cellophanes in all sizes,and he opened 3 stores already but sad to say it was failed cause my brother whom i trusted most steal his money and just fooling him around,that was a disaster.I was so depressed,i tried not to be involve with the business for i dont wanna be in trouble with my husband when it comes into money matter but my brother did.Well it happened.And now we are here,he ended up doing carpenting or painting houses which is not a stable job,hes also teaching self defense lesson but eveything cant affrd with our bills.. . Yeah id been planting vegetables already and glad theyre already bearing fruits and somehow it helps.
We have nothing anymore to even start to sell anything like banana cues or whatsoever.yes i wanted to work but im pure breastfeeding the baby and if il work we dont have somthing to buy hi formula milk
Well guys am here not to ask help financially cause i have faith that God will provide, but only an idea and advise about your knowledge of my husbands case as an illegal staying here due to our situation he wasnt able to pay anymore his obligation to the immigration
Do u think he will be deported? Cause its gonna break my heart.I so love him so much u know what i mean

I understand but i hope you read my other reply to the other one who commented on my post
Maybe you just misunderstood my point i only said our situation now thats why my husband wasnt able to pay his obligation at the immigration due to our struggling i have said he is currently communicating with his embassy now and the embassy is also communicating with the immigration
So i wonder what will happen next
Is he gonna send him back to Holland cause of his situation or are they gonna wait that he will get badly ill cause of not eating the right food already or are they gonna wait that he or we are gonna be living on the street to begs help before they are going to do something with him
I dont know
Im bothered

Guys i joined in this group because i saw one of the topic here one time was about the foreigners staying illegally here
I dont mean no harm to all the membera here and swear to God im asking help doesnt mean am asking financially but an advise or an idea with our situation now
FYI i just met the dutch father of my baby only year of december 2014 we fall inlove with each other and unexpectedly got pregnant right away! just a month that weve been together so he decided to stay for good and responsibly paid his stay to the immigration while putting up his business with my brother
He got a lot that time but as i have already said a disaster happen into our life when my trusted brother fooled him off and stole his money 😦
Well it happened already
Am just emotional now that i wondered if the immigration is gonn deport him
Il respect your concern and advise/help...

He only have a brother in Spain but cant locate him anymore who he believe would help him

No, I don't think he will be deported if he has not done any criminal activities. He has to go to the BI by himself and he will have to pay for all his illegal stay with a fine. I saw a family of Indians which was overstaying for 3 years in the Philippines, they just paid.... But your boyfriend has to go himself... he will have troubles if it is the immigration agents who will fetch him !

As i read my post again th subject should supposed to be about his illegal stay here not his struggle for u guys to give your conclusion
And i understand

Makes me smile.thank you
He already contacted his embassy and the embassy has been communicating to him constantly now and they are now trying to help him with the problem he got with the immigration ,by making some arrangement
but since am nervous with the outcome of everything thats why im in this group now
He is now waiting for the embassy to call him again
Prayerfully there is a good result
So he can just stay here and have a working visa so he can start working

It will be very difficult for a foreigner to have a working visa in the Philippines. The best solution, if I may, would be that you get married. After that he can have a non-quota immigrant visa and he will be allowed to work in the Philippines. If you do not get married, he will have a tourist visa. If he has a very specific skill which can't be found in the Philippines, and he has an employer, he can ask a working visa...

Oh i see thats a very good info geolefrench
My status is complicated for now since i was married to a filipino before and 7yrs separated with him already and not yet annuled
Yes he got some special skills and some work documents with him
Il extend your words to him cause somehow i admit he still need more knowledge about everything in this country since hes only more than a year here
Thanks geolfrench

RoselynC143 :

Well guys am here not to ask help financially cause i have faith that God will provide, but only an idea and advise about your knowledge of my husbands case as an illegal staying here due to our situation he wasnt able to pay anymore his obligation to the immigration
Do u think he will be deported? Cause its gonna break my heart.I so love him so much u know what i mean

This site is not an oracle, nor the members, soothsayers. Anything can happen. So, good luck.

Here's the bottom line: You've hit rock bottom. Though your situation may change, depending on whether your child's father can find gainful employment, the reality is you are currently poor.

So, for now, economize and save on your bills. For example, use a bucket of water and a tabo for bathing instead of using continuous water from a shower. Collect rain water and use them for flushing toilets or watering plants. Sell or pawn stuff that you can do without, such as tablets, tv, etc, to start that income earning trade I mentioned. If you can't sell because you're breastfeeding, then you cook, the dutch guy sells. Use your cellphone or data load for important matters only.

God helps those who help themselves.

RoselynC143 :

Oh i see thats a very good info geolefrench
My status is complicated for now since i was married to a filipino before and 7yrs separated with him already and not yet annuled
Yes he got some special skills and some work documents with him
Il extend your words to him cause somehow i admit he still need more knowledge about everything in this country since hes only more than a year here
Thanks geolfrench


Why did your boyfriend not renew his visa? Surely he foresaw the problems relating to not doing so and did he know you were separated?

Not to be unkind but it seems that the problem is two people being irresponsible. You do know that both of you can be arrested for adultery especially now with you having another mans child as evidence of the adultery while you are still married.

Obviously at this point you feel you cannot work then maybe your boyfriend should try to return to Holland and get a job and support you and his child while you both work at getting an annulment and then you can both begin the process of immigrating to Holland where you can get married.  If his and your first concern is the welfare of the child then he needs gainful employment to care for his family and under the conditions you describe that will not happen in the Philippines unless you wish to continue breaking the law. 

It seems it may be time for responsible sacrifice on both your parts in order to insure the proper care of the child you both brought into this world.

Good luck , hopefully you can set aside selfish reasons for the sake of this child.

Hello there, i know what am doing my ex also has another family and also got other women not woman but women pregnant but now he is living in with a public school teacher whos also still legally married but separated fYi Sir...anyways thank u for the advise .God bless

Well, the priority of Boyfriend is to go ASAP to the immigration bureau in Davao City without waiting for his embassy to do something. He should be ready to pay the visas for a year, plus the fines, plus the ACR card because he stayed more than 3 months...

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Sorry. I misread your post and thought your bf was the one having an affair with all these women. But still, just because your ex is committing adultery with other women does not justify your adulterous relationship with your bf.

So, your dilemma is still there: Your bf has a better chance of gainful employment in Holland, but will he come back or send you financial support once he's there?

Wow,this is a really a soap opera,I am wondering where she is getting the money to be online for these posts to this site ??  I am sure it does not cost much ,but it cost and if I have no food for my child (It comes 1st ,not posting my issues). I will pray for you and your child that things will get better for the both of you. As for your BF/Husband,I will pray for him also you say he is teaching self defense to whom ?? He might be better off trying to show people around the Island where you live at as a private tour guide. I have looked at the location where you live ? and the place looks like it is a tourist dream. Just an Idea. I am sure some Dutch speaking people come to the Island and would love to be greeted and taken around by someone who speaks Dutch also. and my wife try to be realistic ,its a philippines where you living ,if you running out of money most likely it will not be anyone who gonna help you ,philippenes is still philippines ,those who have living here long time ,they know

Filipinos are generally very generous with other people... if they are too poor, they will give you food, not money, but they will help you.... I saw few years ago an American beggar in Manila, only the Filipinos were giving him coins and bills, not the foreign tourists. I talked to him and he was telling me how sad he was to see his own countrymen avoiding him and even sometimes insulting or laughing at him. He was begging near a Macdo.

@ RoselynC143,

When a person has emotional, financial and legal issues, they often do not make wise choices along the way to the problem set or once in the problem set.

Ref. legal issues - You both need to plan on the arrangements made between the expat's country and the BI; which I believe will be to send him home (at his country's expense) and perhaps bar him reentry back into the PI, unless/until he can prove he meets the income standards to retire here (about $800/month income for a start).  By not being able to marry, you both have that option off the table.  Be ready for this as the final solution…..  this is what happened to an American with a similar story.

Ref. financial issues - Best option is to return to his home country and work, work, work.  With a decent job in europe, he can support you/your baby very well until he is able to return with a better long-term plan that includes income stability.

Ref. emotion - Neither of you two can well afford to let raw emotions control actual sound solutions.  This should not be a test of degree of love but a review of what will bring the best solution to a couple and their 9 month old baby. 

We all understand emotions but you need to place them aside as you both move forward with the reality that he will have to leave here for a time and WORK.

Remember, a gift of a fish is not the same as learning to fish!

Thank you so much for all the words of enlightment
Really appreciated

      First time in this kind of group , i wasnt gonna go back here anymore cause some other people will just judge someone elses struggles and difficulties not helping at all but just hurting instead well its ok and thats sad reality for we cant always please everybody that i understand
But so far the best reply that i got is from you Sir and am very much enlighten you really  went to the deep of my point and maybe trying to be in my shoe without judging and for that i really appreciated so i wanna say thank you so much
Well any time from now he will go to the immigration after the embassy will tell him to do so because for the main time the embassy is still having an arrangement to the immigration about his charges
If he will be sent back to his country then we cant do anything else than to obey whats Gods plan for us
I do believe God has been preparing something good for us after all this  life struggles that we never expect

You are welcome RoselynC143…  … please remember that none of my words or opinions are meant to be legal advice.  Please always look for a way to confirm what a person tells you on these important matters.   Below is a very recent news article that touches on what I posted and more. … bi/276349/

Clearly, applying under and being deported under an "indigent" status can also have very long-term effects.  You both may want to understand the legal terms spelled out in the Philippine Law Journal regarding the courts here distinguishing the differences between "transportation", "extradition" and "deportation". 

Remember, according to Philippine law, "deportation proceedings are not criminal in nature".  However, a sovereign nation still has the right to remove a non-citizen.  Therefore, no crime has to be committed for the person to be considered an "undesirable alien" and deported.

What section of the law may be used to deport your man?

Section 37 of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, as amended, para (6) and or (7).

They read:
          (6) Any alien who becomes a public charge within five years entry from causes not affirmatively shown to have risen subsequent to entry:

          (7) Any Alien who remains in the Philippines in violation of any limitation or condition under which he was admitted as a non-immigrant:"

Deportation should be avoided if at all possible, however if all attempts to find work/help via a church or organization here in the PI or attempts for assistance from europe have failed, just be prepared for many years of him not being able to return to the PI. 

I lived in Germany for 2.5 years and I am very aware of their retirement system.  Being a border country of Germany, I am sure your man has informed you that as a Dutch citizen, he is part of one of the world's top ranking pension systems.  As a min. he has what is called "Pillar 1" (there is a Pillar 2 & 3 level also) and you need to understand all of this before you consider a possible future abroad.  If he is close to retirement and about to receive his pension, you may have a way to see him remaining here.  You both can learn about his retirement pension calculation from this Dutch website: … /index.jsp

You never stated your man's age, work history, skill set or educational background (degrees, if any) from europe.  This can be very important information to share here as some may need his expertise or pass the info on to others that could be interested in his background.  What you share or how much you share is your call, but here is a resource on Dutch retirement at age 65: … l_security

Best wishes to you both.

@ RoselynC143,

Here is an example of the possible retirement income of a Dutch citizen:

A typical Dutch pension (age 65) is based on as much as 70% of the current min wage adjusted twice/year.  So, at age 23 or above the min wage in 2016 is 1537.20 euros or ($1717.54), roughly P81,000/month.  Take this figure times .7 for a final monthly retirement of P56747. 

Example:  81,000 X .7 = 56747

If your man is close to retirement as a single person, the above figures should represent what his monthly pay could be. 

Most expats with a thrifty Pinay mate (even with children) can budget and live ok on P56K/month in the PI. 

The above type calculations have been done by every American expat I have talked to here in the PI…  I also went thru this same budget process prior to leaving California to make sure as a single man that I did not end up broke or find a nice lady that would get stuck with me trying to make it in the PI as a broke/zero income, unable to legally work individual. 

So, to be a bit direct here, without being judgmental, it is my opinion that all of this "homework" (i.e., type of research, understanding of retirement benefits, budget planning and calculation based evaluations) should have been/be included in any/all present/future plans by the expat.  Both of you now need to understand this Dutch system for your future(s).

I hope your man can review and confirm the above and update this forum if what I have posted is not at least +/- 10% accurate.

I agree with alot of what geolefrench has suggested.

This is an unfortunate case.  Not so easily resolved.  In the best case, assuming that you are willing to get a civil wedding, your boyfriend would need a certificate of enter marriage from his own country prior to a civil wedding.  But I too believe that having a civil marriage is the best way forward.

I will be in Davao sometime in early September.  If you wish i can meet your husband to see whether we can find an opportunity for your husband to earn better.  You can private message me.

Hopefully by then you would have some solution regarding his legal status in the Philippines.

   Thank you for all of the things youve stated here.
He is a scaffolding specialist he knows a lot about construction and he got all his work documents with him. He is gonna be 53 yrs old this month
When he came here that was only for vacation and it was unplanned to stay here longer until he met me yes might be a soap opera called but its the truth so he stayed and responsibly paid his obligation to the immigration every month or even advance while trying to survive by putting up a business as i have said here the whole selling business of all sizes of cellophanes and he got 3 stores already but as i have mentioned here again my trusted brother fool him off and stole his money that reason his business failed and was a big disaster in our life.He stole our future.
Anyways just have to find solution for the everyday struggles, while waiting for the result of the said arrangement of his embassy at the immigration because for now thats what they are doing fixing his problem at the immigration.If the embassy will tell him to go to the immigration then it will happen then see whats going to happen next
Thank you again Sir

The PI government provides indigent children with 300 pesos per month and as others suggested to you grow veggies, go fishing what ever? I live in the province and no one goes hungry and everyone has a place to sleep. I know a guy from Canada who rides hist motorbike from Naval to Ormoc every morning to buy fresh fruit and Veggies and then sells them on his way home He is supporting his family of 5 and has no legal paperwork to even be there.  Its doable, its called work.

Good advice!


In the likelihood a Black List Order (BLO) will be part of the outcome, I have provided you with a reposting of info I did from another forum here regarding info on the process of blacklist removal. 

First - you must understand the exact reason for the blacklisting, as documented in his papers that will be given to him.  According to your story, he may be excluded from entry into the PI for the very popular BI reason of:
"(5) Persons likely to become, public charge;" (i.e., Sec 20 (a) 5).

Second - You both must review "Ruling No. SBM-2014-001" to determine his specified wait period for lifting of entries from the BI Blacklist (typically 3 months is the least wait time).  Review here: … 14-001.pdf

Third - He will need to write a clear letter addressed to the Commissioner (sent/filed at the Main Office in Manila by yourself as his authorized representative), stating the nature of his request while referencing to and attaching duly authenticated/certified true copies of documents that he would be using to prove that the grounds for the Blacklisting action, "(5) Persons likely to become, public charge;" (i.e., Sec 20 (a) 5)", no longer exists.

Note: make sure you get a special power of Attorney from him before he is deported as this will save much headache during future BI visits on your part once he is gone.

This is the best I can do to inform you of the possible path to get him back in the PI…. assuming he has landed proper employment/income.   

Best wishes.

Hello Roselyn,

As it seems that every possible outcome has been studied in this case, I only have one question for you:

Are either of his parents still alive? I read that he is only 53 so that is possible. I actually give this type of advice and assistance for American Veterans here in Davao and am willing to help you locate his brother if you will PM me his full name, age, and last known address.

P.S. The amount and quality of good advice on this thread is truly impressive.

And not ONE mention about retribution for the thieving brother...

VERY forgiving.  :unsure

Seen this all before. The guy usually is a bullshit artist, doesn't care if he lives in the gutter as long as he's fed a cup of rice and a red horse. Relies on everyone else for charity, not much, just enough. Usually has issues at home country is why he just doesn't pack up and go. He's on the run from his last scam. Drags everyone into his problems and gets enough bleeding hearts to carry his load. Kick his ass to the curb, do what you have to do to survive! If he's any good he'll come back a better off man!

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