Weird info on the Malta introduction page...

First sentence about Malta: "Comprising eight islands, four of which are inhabited" ...


I guess at a stretch, if you really wanted to, you could count Filfla, Cominotto and St Paul's Bay islands as islands and you would get to eight, but really ...

And four inhabited?? Apparently, Comino has one permanent resident, but really ... (and no idea what the fourth would be)

Who came up with this??

Government website states 3 islands as being inhabited, Malta,Gozo and Comino. … lands.aspx


Manoel is an Island

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I forwarded this thread to the appropriate department so that we can look into this matter and do the required correction.

Thank you for notifying this :top:

Somebody from team may contact you through private message to get more information.



Thank you all for your suggestions.

Indeed, the number of 8 islands was determined by counting all the islands mentioned by
Nilonilonilo and Paulolly.
We have changed the text to avoid any confusion or wrong information.

Thanks again for your comments and kind regards,

Julie team

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