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I will be in kenya in soon ... primary i will stay for 3 Month by visiter visa.. but while visiting  .. i want search work and expend visiting period .. anybodvy can help me to find work... ???

Please bear in mind that you cannot legally work while you are on a single entry (visitors) visa.  You can extend the visa for a further 3 months, by applying, in person at immigration, close to the time your visa is due to expire.

To legally work, you need to find a job and the employer applies for a work permit for you. The application process takes several weeks and if your visitors visa expires first, then you must leave Kenya after 6 months (assuming that you have applied for a visa extension). The penalties of being caught working without a work permit, are tough.

Due to the high rate of unemployment, the government has recently tightened up on issuing work permits to foreigners, you really need to have skills not available within the Kenyan workforce.

No.. did not work while visiting.. i mean  can i process while visiting. ??  I post becoz easy to find work if someone can contact or discuss hope for best pls cont Whatsapp ***

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Depending upon your profession and skills, the jobs market is highly competitive.  There is nothing to stop you from applying for jobs.  There are a few websites, such as Brighter Monday, to look at.  Jobs are also advertised in the newspapers, such as Daily Nation.  Many jobs are only open to Kenyan citizens though.....adverts often indicate this.

There is nothing to stop you from making job applications while you are visiting, but the work permit (if you are successfully recruited) can take time to process and your visa is likely to run out in the meantime.

Thanks and honestly i will follow all rules and regulation...

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