Where to apply for English Teaching jobs in Dubai

Hi everyone,

I'm a newly qualified Tefl teacher, (teaching English as a foreign language) and I'm looking for some opportunities as I want to move back to Dubai!
I was cabin crew for Emirates and have experience in teaching dance to children and I have been a tutor for high school students.

Can anyone give any advice on where's best to apply?

Thanks guys!

Very much appreciated.


Hello Megan :cheers:

While waiting for members to revert back, I invite you check out articles related to work and visas in our living in United Arab Emirates guide.


I have already lived in Dubai.

Thank you


You could try Ministry of Education, IAT, ADVETTI or ADEC, but you might not be based in Dubai as it could be anywhere in UAE.

If you would like to apply from agency I would suggest try Teachanywhere or global2education they seem to advertise alot.

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