Parents can get pass with student in Malaysia

My son is planning to join university in Kuala Lumpur  may  I know how can I stay with him can university arrange pass for parents?

The university would not arrange pass for the parents. I am sure he is above 18 years old? The only way you can get a pas if you get a job and apply for employment pass. Hope this information helps

Sorry my can apply for long term visa
Family Members of International Students who are Allowed to Stay in Malaysia
Certain family members of foreign students are allowed to accompany students in Malaysia on a Long Term Social Pass (for the duration of 12 months or according to the duration of study whichever come first). They include the following types of family members:

Parents of students
Spouses, children and parents of students who come from middle-eastern countries
Spouses and children (immediate family only) of students who are pursuing postgraduate programmes
Submitting a Long Stay Application

A long stay application may be submitted to the nearest Malaysian Representative Office abroad, together with a copy of the student pass application.
For countries that do not have a Malaysian Representative Office, the applicant may enter Malaysia on a Social Visit Pass at the entry point and then apply for an extension of stay at the State Immigration Office where the educational institution is located within one month from the date of entry.
The documents required are :
Form Imm. 55
Form Imm. 38 (if applicable)
Photocopy of passport / travel document of student
Photocopy of passport / travel document of applicant(s)
Photocopy of passport / travel document of applicant(s)
A verification letter from the educational institution

Thanks. Pls guide me for the the procedure for long term visa and required documents.

Can mother get visa through adult student pass via university support.

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