Eea2 - home office visit?

Hello everyone!

My partner submitted an eea permit application as unmarried partner last month in June. He is a non eea citizen. We know each other since 2011, are in relationship since 2013, but living together since 09/2015 only. We still applied although there is a lack of cohabitation - that we explained is due to my studies in my eu country / already started before our relationship. Lets see if they consider it as a valid reason or not!

My question to u guys is: does the home office do surprise visits at home for this visa? What are our rights? (Im scared after what ive read and heard about them.. for ex i heard if they dont find both together at the time of visit, they arrest the applicant?!)
Im really scared about that. Im traveling quite often during the year to my eu country (my family n friends r there) so it might be possible they visit our home and I'm away? What would happen then? He is legally staying in uk, according to the rules, and we are in genuine relationship (he can provide many proofs during the visit if they ask so) - do they have the right to detain my partner if i'm not home at the time of the visit?

Ps: my partner's stay in uk is legal, his previous visa expired but he legally has the right until the new decision comes.

I might be a bit parano about it but thats because of the stuff i heard , and i dont kniw much about the rights we have in these circumstances..

Thanks for any response! :)

If the relationship is durable then you dont need to worry. Even one of you absent from home during their visit. They will check where and how are you living. They will ask some questions and observe that you are living togather. They might make another surprise visit to your home.

So you dont have to worry, the main thing if relationship is genuine then you both will answer their questions. All they found if there is any difference between your answers.

But dont worry it is not happen always sometimes they make decision on your application without paying home visits..
Good luck

@ajamal71  thank you very much for your reply! Yes its definitely genuine.. we are still waiting and hoping to get a positive response....
Best of luck to everyone else waiting !

I understand that the Home Office, as part of the application process, may do some research to check whether your relationship is genuine.  This might include talking to the neighbours, or knocking on the door, or sitting outside to see who goes in/out.  Its by no means certain that this will happen to you though.

As long as your partner is legally in the UK, then he won't be arrested if you are not there, particularly if you have provided information about your own study plans.  I think that the problem might arise if you never appear to be there, in which case the worst that can happen is that the application is declined.

The very best of luck though.

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