Startup Language Training School. NEED BUSINESS PARTNER! ASAP ;-)

I have completed the entire process of starting a language training school in Oise. Plan is to start small and grow. Potential in the town I'm opening is huge. I already have several clients waiting. Seeking partner with business, marketing and/or language training experience. If you are capable of teaching English or another language, this would be a major bonus. The goal is to teach as needed until our mission changes to focus solely on prospecting new clients, private and corporate DIF/CPF (gold mine). I've designed brochures, business cards, street sign, window signs, website is under construction, but email address is registered and working. Office is in the center of town, visible to a mass of future clients. Office rent (very cheap for visibility) is 750/month and to be split with partner.

I will disclose company name and location only after a serious face-to-face meeting, but it is in the 60300 area, so you will need to consider the distance from home to your future office.

I already have teachers and clients for: English, French, Romanian, Japanese, Chinese and German.

My previous business partner of 62 years old decided her health would not allow the investment of energy needed to take the final step.

The SAS contract has been completed. Final step is to open a SAS bank account and sign the final SAS papers. I am 'President' and looking for a General Manager.

I know this is a long-shot, but opening date was set at September 1st, 2016. I've come too far and invested too much to stop now and the market research shows the potential for rapid growth.

Incredibly low small business startup cost and massive future pay-off projections.

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Dear  Mr.Lotuselisel,

Based on by email link  through to my personal email. And read your message on business. I am very interest to have any coorperated business because i am the one of english intructor for Indonesia Country which is located in Duri - Riau Province. The name is my english course is The Americana Sebanga, Facebook (Sebanga Americana/email: xxx). Our markets are students (Kidden Garden, Elementary, Junior, Senior, College and Employees. So far we are grow with this Education Business.

Kindly please an advise for any coorporation for the future term and codition.

Kindest Regards,

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Hello everyone,

Please refer to the appropriate section of the website, Business partners in France if you are looking for a business partner.

@ Lotuselisel, since you already have an advert, it will better if member contact you directly through your advert.

Language Training School Startup. Need Partner ASAP.

Thanks in advance.
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