California: several hectares of land ravaged in blaze

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Thousands of hectares of land have been devastated by an impressive fire in California during the weekend. Nicknamed “Sand Fire”, it has destroyed some twenty houses in the Northwest of Los Angeles. Significant infrastructure damage has also been reported by local authorities.

The fire broke on Friday, July 22, and spread across the Santa Clarina Valley where more than 1,500 homes had to be evacuated urgently. A calcined body was also discovered in a car. More than a thousand firefighters, as well as helicopters and bombers, were mobilized to fight the blaze.

International media report that only 10% of the fire had been controlled on Sunday due to rising temperatures and violent winds. Till now, the fire continues to spread around surrounding areas. Local authorities have issued warnings of possible air pollution risks due to the presence of a thick black smoke in the sky.

Note that California has been experiencing a record dry season for the past five years. Many other blazed have occurred since a few months.

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For updates on wildfires in California, check the Cal Fire website:
Cal Fire - California Statewide Fire Map

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