Lao Bao Visa Run

Did the Lao Bao run yesterday ..
My second time ..
I take the bus from Da Nang ..
Both times have been a great experience ..
No issues what so ever ..
Although they are a lot quicker on the Laos side with paper work ..
Same bus there and back ..
I guess the only issue would be the long bus ride ..

I'm all ears.    Doing 'the run' (on a bike) very soon.

Heard a whisper you can get a Visa-on-application at the border gate.

True?   Both ways?  ..or only into Laos..?

Also, I am an anti-bus boofhead, the difference between a suicide bomber and a bad bus driver being the time it takes to die.  (Of heart failure)    What was YOUR experience like?


Not much else to say ..
You enter Laos get your visa
Then turn around and walk back into Vietnam ..
Have all your paper work together and if all goes well
You can get the same bus back to Da Nang ..

In reference to your fear of the bus??
I saw a total of four motorbike accidents and
None of them looked good for the rider ...

I'm taking the bus .....

What!!???   ..a straight answer..??   ..after all the myth & mystery (and suffering)
from being on Expat excuses..(?)         Sacre' Bleu!!!

Never mind your Fame.   

It will be framed and on display henceforth in the Trophy room       :one

Not questioning your Integrity, but are you sure..?    I have had others suspect I'm from
another dimension too.   Maybe I am.  Or Uranus (at least)

Sure, I'm a doubting Thomas.   But having seen the queues lined up outside (all) the
border gates I have tried, I feel entitled to be suspicious.   The Viet Nam effect.
     ..and yes, I noted your qualifier: if all goes well...    Never for me?

Yeah.  Saw a few fatals on last trip.   Two 4wd rollovers, 2 headon bikers, one bike under a bus.   But I know God(?) hates me for outsmarting her (so far) so maybe this time will be my turn..?

50+ years of biking.   Better than good.   Maybe they'll put the body on a bus.

There's irony for you.        :idontagree:

It's really simple. I request a Visa letter and it states when and where I will enter Vietnam.  I get the letter, cross the border to leave Vietnam. Then come back in country and present the letter to get the Visa.  It's super simple.

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I curse my complexity fear of being understood..?

I truly wish to be so simple. 

Even so, I do not dare ask where and when

Perhaps because of my peculiar past?    It rarely works for me       :unsure

Maybe if you put more effort into writing and speaking the Queen's English communication would improve. Or maybe the Vietnamese just don't like you.

Moderators: No sensitive PII has been disclosed in this message.

Is it possible to obtain a Vietnam entry visa at all land border gates?

My understanding was visa-on-arrival was only available at air and water ports. And at land gates it was necessary to already have a visa stamp, perhaps from a Vietnamese embassy. But things change frequently.

Is it being suggested that an approval letter is enough to obtain a Vietnam visa at land border gates?

I would be interested to hear which exact land border gates are offering this service. Also, what types of visas.

Why go thru the process/payment for a Lao Visa if you are just re-entering.  Exit then walk around in "no man's land" for 5 minutes and go to the entry officials for Vietnam? Are they checking for a Lao Visa at the Vietnam immigration?

No logical information has been disclosed in this message.  :)

The reason you get a Lao visa is that VN immigration will check to see if you have that visa in your passport. You can give it a try and just plead dumb when they find you haven't got one.

Try this website  It gives visa types and international border crossings for visas.

Thanks Stumpy!

Having been refused entry twice before at 'National' Border gates, I'm extremely suspicious, skeptical and (even) cynical before these new advices.    So this time...

..I'll give Lao Bao a go.   And give a full report (if) I survive...

My disbelief system works for me.   But besides the CIA, others are watching...     :happy:

Dear Sir,
Great ! Thanks for sharing your experience. I'd like to do the same. Please if you can advise me about Bus service from Vinh city to Laos border and approval letter, Is it required an original or just a print out copy !

Hi Tipp,

I'm going on a run myself to Lao Bao soon. So I just wanted to know, did you have to have the original approval letter posted out to you or emailed? I've heard rumblings that they don't accept a printout from an email attachment.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :)


Never heard of a copy not being accepted. Sounds to me like the rumblings may be false informatiin which is quite common.

I agree with Colin ...
Long as you have a letter your okay ...
I'm going at the end of the month ..

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