Germany: many dead and injured in attacks

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Germany is still mourning over the death of several people over the past week. On Sunday 24th July, a Syrian refugee, aged 27, blew himself up in front of a restaurant in Ansbach, not far from a music festival. The latter was found dead while 12 people were injured. Three of them have been seriously injured.

According to media reports, the Syrian refugee lived in Ansbach and used to suffer from psychiatric disorders. He had even attempted to commit suicide twice. Police have started inquiry so as to determine whether the bomb attack has any link with terrorist organizations. Till now, the blast has not been claimed.

Last Monday, a young man aged 17 attacked people with an ax and knives in a regional train of Bavaria. Four people were seriously injured. On Tuesday, July 19, the attack was claimed by the Islamic State organization.

On Friday, July 22, 9 people were killed and 11 wounded in a shootout in Munich. A 18 years old young man of Iranian origin fired on passers by in front of a McDonald's restaurant before fleeing. He then committed suicide following shooting in a shopping mall. According to local police, around 300 ammunition were found in his backpack. Local police is still trying to determine the origin of these attacks.

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Our sincere thoughts go to the families of victims and all those afflicted by these tragedies.

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The German police and disaster recovery services have in all cases acted as swift and concisely as the difficult situations allowed.
It is significant that all attacks have been of "lone wolfs" and there were no clear connections to terrorist organisations and no attacks that had logistics or other support from a bigger group.
Given the fact that Germany accepted, within a few months and with open arms, over a million people from places at war, and with them almost certainly some who intend to not flee but export violence, it is exemplary how the society and authorities handled the situation and kept trauma, frustration and disruption at a minimum.
It is sad that this minimum is not Zero - my condolences are with the victims!

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