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Hi, I'm looking for a safe and experienced dentist in Croatia, do You could help me, please?

Hi ,
What city in Croatia id of interest. I am an expat fron Australia and have a dental practuce in Split. Ferl free to contact  me.
Cheers Suzana

I just finished up what turned out to be a cracked root on a crowned tooth.
Dario tried everything to save it before we extracted it today.
His prices are reasonable and posted in the reception area.
Here is his information.
He is on vacation from August 1 to the 10th.
Dario Bojčić
Kralja Zvonimira 40
21000 Split
Main phone: 021 489 428
Mon-Wed-Fri 0800-1500
Tues-Thurs 1300-2000

Hi everyone,

@ CroatKate, could you please recommend your contact in the business directory as well ?

- Dentists in Croatia

Members who haven't read or seen this thread will easily access the contact details if ever they need a reliable dentist.

Thank you in advance,

Thanks, I live in Rome, Split could be a good place for

Thanks a lot, I'll take information about him!

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Thanks for the recommendation.  Does he speak English?  Email?

If you are talking about Dario, yes, he speaks English as does his assistant Katarina.

Hello! I live in Zagreb, and I am working in dental tourism for over 5 years now ... I would like to give you some tips on how to choose a dental clinic in Croatia whom you can entrust your dental care:
Tip No.1: Go to a smal place and forget about the "mega clinics"... you will certainly find a greater customer service and a more individual approach in a smaller one...
Tip No. 2: Make sure that the locals go to this clinic .... if at the reception of the chosen clinic you see just foreigners  and zero Croats... ask yourself why.... I’ll tell you why ... Croats stay away from these places, they just don’t go to big widely publicized clinics .... (and it’s a big lie when they say there are no Croats because Croats don’t habe enough money to afford such procedures.....) Look for a clinic where the 80% of both the patients are Croatian.
Tip no.3: First visit is very important ... and a "GOOD FIRST VISIT" lasts at LEAST HALF AN HOUR....if they had a look of your dental situation in 5 minutes and estimated it in another 5 minutes, please forget about it...
Tip No.4: In the case of implantology always ask for the brand of the implants on the market because there are a lot of different brands with a big difference in quality... the 3 brands of the highest quality would be Astra Tech, Nobel and Straumann. Also before going through with the procedure ask about the surgeon’s experience, of course the surgeon who will carry out your implantology procedure.
Tip no.5: Do not choose the clinic according to a website....a nice looking website = a good quality, mediocre website = poor work *** WRONG *** BIG MISTAKE.
There are Croatian clinics with questionable Internet sites but working very well!

Tip No.6: Always ask for a written quote before starting with the procedure and at the end of the procedure a certificate of guarantee of the materials used and with regard to the implantology an implant “passport”.
Tip no.7: Inform yourself about the previous experience of the doctors working in the Croatian clinic of your own choosing, check if they have received some prizes or awards and especially if they are enabled to do implantology ...
Tip no.8: Ask about sterilization systems that they use.
These tips are just a small part of what you should pay attention to.
With that being said, each of you can begin with your search and selection of the clinics in Croatia!
Good search! :)
For any question or information you can write me an email:

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Thank you for that detailed message. Especially helpful for the implant industry that is building.
I live in Split and I found a great family practice that I feel very safe with. They meet all the criteria you mentioned above. (Maybe not the implants, I don't know about that.)

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