Schooling for young South Africans

Hi ALL I have been offered a position in a company in Vietnam , I will need to look at schooling for my 6 year old and eventually for my 4 year old.I cant seem to get any questions answered with regards schooling can anyone help in this regard?


Hi, GavinTW.

I am also looking for a school which is not expensive for me children.
They are 6 years old and 5 years old.

Thank you.

Hi Gavin and Sean,

I can recommend you some schools with various price ranges:

- High:
+ CIS (Cannadian International School) - District 7: offering K-12
+ AIS (American International School) - District 2: they offer primary - 12
+ BCIS school
- Not very high:
+ VAS (Vietnamese - Australian School)
+ WASS (The Western Australian School System): offering from K - 12 (they have IBDP and Advance Placement Program also)

It depends on your demand. If you want more detailed advice, send me message, i guess i can help.


Are you working there?

Thank you very much for the information.

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