Driving license inquiry

I just got my learner license and got lecture date on 18 august..  I wanna ask can I start driver training classes with an instructor before lecture?


Yes if you can find a instructor, you can start. Just speak to the instructor and tell him to adjust the dates accordingly.


I was asking from legal point of view.  If I finish my hours before 18.. Can i get a test date showing that I finished my hours before lecture?

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Thanks a lot

Hi Ammad Javed - I am sure this should not be a problem at all.


Hi am a housewife staying in Bahrain want to learn driving but just want to know how much does it cost and do u have to pay the fees in one time

35 BD for learner license
110 BD trainer fee for 22 hours
10 BD test fee
20 BD license fee

By rules u have to pay trainer for the daily hours.  i.e. 10 Bd for 2 hours

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