Moving to Catalonia. Any good jobs websites ?

Hi guys,

I would like to move to Catalonia this year.  I have been learning some of the language to give myself a head start.  I'll be visiting from 9th - 18th September this year (Catalonia Day looks exciting) and whilst there I would like to  arrange some job interviews.

I have a background in customer service / helpdesk roles but I'm also a qualified TEFL teacher.

If you could recommend some good job websites that would be fantastic.

Thanks  :)


I am also planning to live in Catalonia/Girona and will be in Girona as from the 7th of September departing on the 15th of September.  I will be meeting with real estate agents to see the different rental properties and the areas around Girona.  This is my second trip and I would like to become more familiar with Girona.  I am an American who also teaches English (ESL) as a second language.  I will be retiring from a government career and am also looking to move in 2017.  If you would like to meet for a drink/coffe and to compare notes, please send me a E-mail.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


You can go to to this website
it's like a Spanish craigslist. i have placed ads there to loo for private english students, and I'm sure you can look for various types of jobs there. good luck

**. Would love to meet up if you get to Andalucia.

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