From Cambodia to Thailand entrance visa

As you already know I'm American.
I have seen the immigration rules for a 30 day stay exemption.

I'd of course be entering Thailand over land.

I'd like to stay there 5 months.

Is there a trick to staying 5 months and exiting back to the states from Thailand?

Hi SystemsNicaragua,

Please note that your topic is now on the Thailand forum as you wish to move there. It might help you to get more information about Thailand. :)

What do you mean by "is there a trick?" , hope that you are not referring to something illegal as does not encourage/tolerate illegal activities.

I think that the embassy will be able to give you further information about visa.
Please feel free to read these articles on visa as well : … visas.html

Good luck,

Priscilla  :cheers:

I didn't mean anything illegal, I simply was trying to avoid leaving after 30 days and re-entering and repeating that for 5 months.

Seems a bit silly.

Hi SystemsNicaragua,
are you an nic  citizen ? if you are ...let me give you some advise ,,,living in Thailand its amazing and its a good place to start some new but like any other country there are rules and law that we most follow ,,so please don't start running when there is not startshot sound yet ,,as you said you lived in us so you well known the American law and everyone follows or guess what ...hit the hole ,,,man ,,so you are welcome to enter Thailand apply for a tourist visa and let start from there ok ,,,,,good luck man sawadee krap

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