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Hi all,

My name is Sue and I live in California, USA. I’m planning on coming to Mauritius next year on a retirement visa and I’m looking for some help with the details. I’ve emailed the embassies in the US but I would still love to have some advice from someone who has done this. I’m interested in finding out what pieces I need to do before I get to Mauritius and what pieces I can do upon arrival. Can anyone on this forum help me with these logistics? Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks so much and I look forward to meeting you in person next year. :-)

Sue Ring
San Francisco, CA, USA

Hi Sue,

here are the guidelines for a retirement visa / occupation permit :

But just one important point : the national budget will be presented on Friday and the conditions may change (keep an eye on, we'll surely post about the changes for foreigners this weekend)

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Thanks so much for your help.


I'll be very disappointed if they stop the Retirement Visa. Do you think they will?



sue_ring :

I'll be very disappointed if they stop the Retirement Visa. Do you think they will?



The retirement visa is here to stay.

What they can do is changing the conditions attached to the scheme for example the min. amount of money someone has to transfer to the country per annum to be now it's $40,000/ can increase, decrease or stay the same.

On Friday, you will have a better insight.

WinstonH said it all ;)   thanks!

Whew! Thanks so much.

Another question I've been pondering...I know I'm supposed to deposit/transfer USD40,000 each year that I want to live in Mauritius on a Retirement Visa. Are there any rules about what happens to that money during the first year I live there? I'm not sure if I'll stay for a second, consecutive year or not. But if I did, can I just use the same USD40,000 as the deposit for the second year? At this time, I don't see myself trying for residency there (so I won't be doing the USD120,000 over 3 years), I just want to be able to stay longer than I could on a regular tourist visa. So, for example, could I take that money out the day after, or a month after, or...?

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks again.


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