Finding a decent hairdresser

Hello there,

I have recently relocated back to Mauritius after having lived in UK for some time now. I am looking for a good hair dresser/ hair artist/ hair stylist. I am looking for someone with experience and who will provide the same level of service as a hair dresser abroad.

I live in the centre of the island but I am willing to travel. I would appreciate any of your insight and advice.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Moksh,

where on the island are you living ?

Sasha in curepipe

Hi Julien,

I am currently in the Moka region.

Hello. I'm a licensed and professional hairstylist and make up artist from the US who is thinking of relocation to the island. I've just begun research to find out if there is a strong need for the type of service I provide. Over the years, I've mainly worked with a few celebrities and special events, but as makeover service in its entirety has been my passion for most of my career of 18 years, I'd love to work with all in need of makeover service 💆

Hello everyone,

@ Moksh, you could have a look at the Hairdressers in Mauritius section as well.

@ Energist, i strongly recommend you go through the requirements and formalities needed to live and work here.



All the best,

Sasha in curepipe and trianon is the best!

I'm so new to this.  Those links are very helpful.  Thank you :)

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