Moving from india to Malaysia need help ???

Try Emerio

iam from Hyderabad... I completed my I want to settle in malaysia.... plz tell me the process ???

drgani, go to online sites and apply for jobs. very simple process.

Hi frds, pls help me i am electrical engineer having 4+ yrs exp now i want to move malaysia for better package n for career growth but realy i dont know about opportunity der in my field so i approch overseas consultancy in India they said we wil serch job for u n we wil give feed back with in 10 days how much salary u wil get after dat if u intrested den u have to pay process fee 3 wr froud is gng on so pls let me know before moving frm India to malaysis set by step wt i have to check ? Let me know abt employment visa ? How i can check details abt d cmpny which i am gng to be join ? Pls help me...n tell me how der is opportunites for my field ?

Munna - you can check salary levels using this salary guide … lary_guide

Try initially to make good and very thoroughly documented applications to employers in Malaysia using professional headhunters or online job websites rather than an agent in India. Trustworthiness is always an issue.

The salaries are probably too low for an Employment Pass and you may have to work under a Foreign Worker visa. You can find out about this here … ign-worker

You need a job offer first. Next step is either a calling visa is issued. They then submit your passport for the Employment Pass to be entered.  What is important is that the company has permission to hire foreigners and have advertised the job and not got any local Malaysian candidates apply. Apply to large companies only.

Start out by trying online places such as Jobscentral.

I'm currently working as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technical consultant in Hyderabad in a reputed firm.
Recently got an offer in Malaysia in a small firm  they have offer 5K Ringgit including accommodation. Not sure how reliable is this job. Most of the jobs in Malaysia are contract basis and I have second thoughts on going to Malaysia. We can earn the same salary in India, any one who's living out there please let me know  how is the life in Malaysia does the organization take the passport of the employer whether it is good decision should I consider this offer, I have a good life going on here weather it is worth taking risk.


Sekhar537 - the salary to very low (accommodation worth max RM1k). Unless you have a clear idea how starting a new life from scratch in Malaysia will benefit you, best to stay were you are. Working overseas is not for everyone because it is quite stressful and can be lonely as well.

I m ITI (Elect) and Computer Operator in India working in a small firm. i want to go to malaysia for a job  either as a electrician or a computer operator. me

You must start from visa procedure

You will need a job offer to live in Malaysia. So apply for vacancies you find online.

I want to know about good companies in Malaysia in my line. When companies will hire me and get me avail of a visa . then i will be benefited  to go to Malaysia.pls. guide me

Just look at job adverts and apply for ones you have the qualifications. I don't think you can work as an electrician here though, the rules about local labour only apply. High tension cable jobs are the only type available in that line. … ign-worker

Not sure what you mean by computer operator?  If that's office work, then without local languages its difficult to get a job in an office.

I want to be engaged any where else first . after i got experiance of speaking local language then i would try myself there to find a good job.So i want to know some of good companies from any line. whether it should be a Textile Industry or Jewellery shop or any thing like that. pls guide me.

As I said - go to one of the job sites and see what is available and apply. e.g. jobstreet, careerjet, etc.

Hello everyone,

I am a civil/structural engineer currently working in India and  have a total experience of 4.5 years. I will be moving to Malaysia in the beginning of 2016 and hence I am looking for a suitable job opportunity.
I have done some research on the job scenario for foreigners and I started applying through job portals like jobstreet, etc.
It would be of great help if someone can provide further advice regarding job opportunities or can anyone refer/forward my resume for a suitable position.


Hii, am Deesha.
Currently am in Mumbai, I want to settle in Malaysia... Am a lawyer by profession... Pls add me as ur Frnd...pls help me to get job in a law firm or a company in Malaysia... I seriously wanna settle down in Malaysia... Pls help on fb as Deesha Desai...pls add me as ur Frnd and its a humble request to help me...
Thnx in advance,

Hello Deesha

Please note that we have an appropriate section for jobs seekers. Please refer there with an advert :

> Jobs offers in Malaysia


Hi you can't work as a lawyer in Malaysia and getting any legal kind of work is almost impossible. Seen many a foreign lawyer at expat meetups and never seen one get a job except lecturing. That doesn't pay well but jobs are there.

Never come to Malaysia without work already arranged.

I want to settle in malaysia penang...possible ???

Any one ??

Now im live in chennai

Of course u can. R u asking for permission? :-) u have my blessings


Simple. By plane.

Son of ****

Hahaha stupid questions, stupid replies. Air Asia is good to fly to penang. Good luck!


I am looking for job in malaysia,  I have 4+ experience as Mechanical Design Engineer (Tools : Solidworks, Auto-CAD & SAP-PLM).

I am posting my resume in all malaysian job sites, but i am not getting any response from them..

The recruitment process is taken by direct employer or through agencies?

How i should search for a job?

Please suggest.

Waiting for your valuable feedback (xxxx).

Best Regards:

Rasheed Syed

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I am looking for a job in Malaysia. can you please share your experience how to get job and all?

There are only a very few professional areas where jobs in Malaysia are available to foreigners - what is your area?

i am also suffering from same situation as i cannot find jobs regarding my profession. :|  :|

According to Tax system, they will deduct 26-28% for first six months. But if u continue living Malaysia Gov will return ur tax after deducting 11%. Ur Husband can reduce tax by showing 4 dependent. Buying own household equipment is better than paying for full furnished. Please check schools before u come to Malaysia, because international school are very expensive in Malaysia and u have 3 kids. Thanks

Hi Guys
I have 4 years experience in media marketing
looking for an opportunity in Malaysia

Please connect me at *** what's app. I have an offer for kl location let's connect ,It will be a great help

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