Moving from india to Malaysia need help ???


I am moving from India to Malaysia in couple of months.  I am married but planning to come there alone.  My workplace is Kualalumpur (Jalan Ampang) .  My estimated rental expenses is 500-600 RM. Can I get accommodation for this budget?  If not what would be nearest place where i can stay with a reasonable cost of living? Importantly, What kind of accommodation can i expect for this budget.  Will it be a furnished one or unfurnished.  Can anyone help me?

Hi All,

Kumar here from Bangalore India..i have done bachelors in Computer Application and having 3years of experience in Logistics and transportation ( Quality control center)

Now i want to shift to Malaysia to seek  Job , please advice me how to find a relevant Job of my current type  or in service desk in Malaysia.


Is there any opportunities in Corporate banking or investment banking?
I am having 3 years experience as an branch manager in financial services.

Are you interested in sales and marketing ?

For all those seeking work in Malaysia, the internet is a wonderful tool and if used properly you will find loads and loads of information on it.
So start a Google search.

expatindia12. For cost of living and rental costs try there are other websites too.

looking for job

Hi nyima tsering,

Some more details about yourself and as well as details about the kind of job you are looking for, might be useful, for us to guide you. :)

Thank you,


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try HP

Hi Ms.Saraswati, I am Somashekar and I am from Bangalore living in Malaysia from last year Feb. I am into recruitment, if you ask me your husband has got a very good pay which is 8000 RM. And yes, do not take any accomodation at Cyberjaya it is very expensive. Try to look for an apartment in Puchong or in Seri Kembangan which is very close to Cyberjaya and there is bus facility as well to travel to cyberjaya and half of the cost of rent compared to Cyberjaya.

Regarding tax, yes initially it will be 26% and I dont know when you will be arriving to Malaysia if its in this year your husbands tax will be 26% until June 2014. But, his actual tax after that will be 848 RM per month. Also remember that, though his tax is 26% during his initial stage, but the following month which is in 2015 when he file the tax returns he will be getting all the excessive amount which he had paid more than 848 RM as a re-imbursement so you can count on that as a savings.

And yes, transfer from company within Malaysia is not a difficult task unless his current company agrees to give NOC for him.

Overall, Malaysia is a very nice country to live in. All the best!


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hello my self manoj Kumar from Chennai India.I completed my bachelor of engineering (electrical and electronic engineering) .I waana do job in Malaysia it's my dream ...plz anyone help me

Manoj you need to be at least 27 years old and have 2-4 years of experience to get a job and work permit in Malaysia (23 years and same experience in the IT industry).

Most engineering jobs are in the oil and gas industry or mass transportation construction. e.g.

The construction industry in Malaysia does get its staff from various countries so that would be one area to check out in your home base. You would need to look up information under the heading "foreign workers".

Hi guys, I am Bhola from India currently working in Oracle India Bangalore. I have 3.5 yrs of IT experience. Recently I have got an offer from Scope International , through zenith info-tech for the position of system analyst and they are offering me 5500 MYR per month. Office will be in Petaling Jaya.

I have accepted the offer but I am totally blank about Malaysia and the cost of living there .

Can you please help me to get clear picture of the place . what will be the monthly expenditure and how much I can save at the month end?

Please help.

Hi Bhola,

5500 MYR with your experience is a decent salary.

Accomodation (if you share): 500 - 750 RM/month depending on the area you decide to live.
Food: Depends, if you cook at home it would definitely cost you cheaper and if you dine out it might cost you some where around 1000 RM (again its a rough calculation)
Transportation: You can avoid it if you stay nearby to your office, if not just assume may be around 150-200 RM/month
Miscellaneous expense: Completely depends on your lifestyle.

On an average, I would say your expenses would be some where around 2000 - 2500 MYR. So, you can save atleast 3000 MYR/month (58000 INR).

Should also consider the deduction of 26% for first six months, so during this period you might be able to save may be around 1500 - 2000 MYR/month.

Hope, this info is helpful to you.

All the best!

Hi Raj,

Thanks a lot for providing the useful information. Do you have any knowledge about room rent cost near petaling jaya. How's that place and will I get Indian food nearby ?

Do you have any idea about scope international Malaysia ? Like the company work culture?

Plz help me if you have any information.

Thanks again :)

I have heard about the company, its okay I mean its not a fake company. Rest I dont know about the work culture and all, if I am not mistaken they will place you in their client place so you should be worried about the work culture of the client.

Petaling Jaya (PJ) is a pretty nice place, Indian food yes you do get it but it will be prepared by Malaysian Indians they call them (Mamak restaurants). If you want the typical Indian food you will get it in KL which is around 15-20 kms away from that place. But, I am sure you cant go there everyday.

Suggestion, just have to adjust with whatever food you get. Just be prepared mentally and try to forget about Indian food.

Dont worry much, its all safe and nice to work here. There is A LOT of Indians here and lot of other foreigners as well. So, just pack your things and plan your travel.

For accomodation try to search in "", you will get an idea. And try to google around in google maps and transportation facility from KL to PJ or any other nearby areas to PJ. Then you can decide where to stay. Even if you see 15kms or 20kms away dont be scared it takes hardly 20-30mins to travel.

Hello Callmeraj,
you are giving good info. I am working in an MNC and I have got an offer to work in PJ, they have offered me RM 11,000 per month. Car+house extra. Due to loan commitment in India Due to my loan commitment in India, I have to save a lot. Can a family of two live comfortably in RM,4000 per month? We have a simple living style, home cooking, no alcohol, or non veg. They have told me that this package is good for a upper middle class life style, is that true? Please help.

Hey hi,

11000/month + Car + House, you can lead a luxurious life. And yes, with all those details you gave about your lifestyle, you can actually both of you can lead a life with 2500 RM/month....

All the best.

Hi Raj,

That's  preety much good info about the place . Thanks a lot yaar. I am ok with any kind of food style just asking to know for the options :)


Guys - dont forget to factor in the income tax you will be paying.  i.e. 26% if you work less than 182 days per calendar year and around 20% otherwise.....

Prices are rising steadily in Malaysia - so be realistic on the costs.  A hire car will cost at least RM 1500 per month.

RM5500 is very low for IT in Malaysia. Entry level is usually RM7000.  Adjust for taxation and then be realistic.  Try to negotiate some extras on that level of salary which include flight costs and a transportation allowance.

For flat sharing check out (most have a note of which racial tenants they are looking for).

Hi guys I m looking for job in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. Can anyone guide me how to get job from there? It would be great if anyone help me. I m a B.Com graduate having experience in Mobile Showroom Sales and Billing Section.

Hi school fees at least 30,000 rm per year. With extra costs budget 3,000 rm per month at least. Better schools cost more than that.

I really hate this new website mobile format thought I was reading the latest post and answering it. I really can't use this site on a phone any really sucks! everything jumps around and takes forever to load! There should be go to desktop version button somewhere

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johanaprabu :

Hi guys I m looking for job in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. Can anyone guide me how to get job from there? It would be great if anyone help me. I m a B.Com graduate having experience in Mobile Showroom Sales and Billing Section.

Basically I don't think you have any realistic chance of a job. It is a Malaysian job and no way could anyone get you a work permit. salemean and billing are local jobs. May indeed be one of the banned jobs for foreigners and certainly easily to get local staff for this.

Jobs here for foreigenrs are manual jobs like cleaners and construction workers or high end jobs in certain industries where there is a local shortage.

recommend online biz with smart media , interest please message and invite for Webinar

Hello Everyone.   Myself is Hitesh. I have 9 years of experience in purchase and supply chain which includes gulf experience also now I m in india and working in sales from last 2 years.  I am looking for a job in malaysia in supply chain purchase logistics. . Can anyone guide me how can I get a job thr.. I want to move from india..


Actually I heard that there are many jobs for Commerce Graduates. Else what kind of job I could get there if I want to survive? thanks for ur reply

Hi Saraswathi,
I have been living in Malaysia since a year now and this is what i have to say for you.
8000 MYR is a good salary for a five years of experience and for being a tester which if you see is not the same standard if you were to find direct employment in Malaysia so its a good thing to come through Indian company.

About the tax its 26% for first 6 months and after that of your stay it will fall to one of your slab mentioned in the official site if i remember correctly its somewhere around 8 to 10% i suppose, but then the 26% what you paid in the first 6 months will be refunded if you continue to stay beyond 182days so eventually you'll still end up paying tax of 8 to 10% alone.

Rent around CyberJaya should be somewhere around what you have mentioned for full furnished . You could also look for unfurnished house for even cheaper price and think of owning your own furniture since they are not very expensive in Malaysia.It will be useful since you're also planning for long stay.

Let me know if you need any more info, I have tried to reply to my best of knowledge and experience that i have had through in Malaysia

Hi always ask for school fees to be paid. In KL the best schools charge 100k RM pr year (9k per month) down to 3k per month.

That is big money. And you pay what you get for. The established schools where you get a western education are 6k+ a month. 9k one is usually paid by the company.

Expat packages have come a along way since the old days when they actually paid well. (30k per month + car+driver+maid+cleaner+cook+22,000sqft bungalow+school fees+medical+flights home). Now in the great depression/recession they pay a 2/3rds less and prices in KL doubled.

Good reading on Ambika's post !

@Ambikaji - Though I have done a loyt of home work, I would like to confirm with you
I have been given a car and house by company. We are two of us husband and wife, with child studying in India.. What would be the monthly expenses - grocery, milk, water, electricity, telephone, internet, vegetables, fruits, etc., with a weekly outing on Dinner in Vegetarian restaurants. No Alcohol and Non Veg?

johanaprabu :

Actually I heard that there are many jobs for Commerce Graduates. Else what kind of job I could get there if I want to survive? thanks for ur reply

Malaysian citizens yes.



Then what I have to do suppose if I want to be a Malaysian Citizen. Bcoz I love that Country's lifestyle, people.....


I am from Hyderabad, India. Working as a Test Lead with 9yrs of experience.Drawing around 10L per annum.
Want to move to Malaysia of my own.How easy to get a Job in Malaysia...How to approach for the VISA.
Please guide me.

Thanks in advance..

If you are involved in software testing, this is a new area in Malaysia and one which the country wants to develop into a large outsourcing programme.

You only get a visa from an employer for a specific job and company. So try and find a job to achieve your dream.

I am an indian staying in dubai from past 9 years. I am an MBA and working for travel industry from past 11 years. Which involves manager for branch and Sales and marketing.

I like to move Malaysia with my family. Please advice what are the chances of Job in travel industry and what is the package.


This guide may be helpful - it is from the Kelly Malaysia website, but the direct link is currently broken. Add all the 3 lines together without spaces and copy into your browser:

It shows types of job and salary levels. Of course if you can apply to work in Malaysia with one of the largest travel companies on an expat package, that is preferable and beneficial.

Hi all,

I am about to get an offer from a Malaysian company which is in Kuala Lampur. However, they are offering me MR 5600 + 600 (for house). I would like to move along with my wife and a 18 months old baby.

Currently I am earning Rs 65000 (after Tax deduction) in hand in bangalore and paying Rs 12000 for house rent.

I have total 7 years of experience and currently working with Cisco as customer support engineer for Telepresence Technology.

I need suggestion, if it's a good idea to say yes for the offer? There will be 2yrs contract I believe.

Nil Kamal.

Your current salary is equal to about RM3500. Housing paid is about the same as you use in Bangalore.

1. You may struggle to get somewhere to live to RM600.
2. Income tax will be about 20%
3. Malaysia is fast becoming quite expensive - its already at least double up of Bangalore 

Check your numbers - but it looks like you will not be able to save much if anything?

This link shows the cost of items in Malaysia: … rrency=INR

If you only spend 182 days in Malaysia, i.e. you start the job after about 1st July, your income tax will be 26%.

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